Free Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Essay Sample

According to Chapter 4 of the Novel “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl”. By Harriet Jacobs, Linda recounts the tale of her Uncle Benjamin, her grandmother's youngest child, who escaped after physically hitting his master. As a result of the dispute or striking of his master he was arrested, put behind bars, and sold out as a slave, but he later fled again. After Benjamin’s escape from where he was sold out, he temporarily met and had a reunion with his brother, Phillip, before he ran off to New York, where he changes as a white man. However, his mother at last succeeded in buying Phil's (Benjamin’s brother) liberty, but since Benjamin was nowhere to be reached it was believed that he is forever not to be seen by his family.

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On the other hand, Linda's uncle, Benjamin, has a self-governing and disobedient spirit which makes him mostly sad and moody about his existence as a young slave boy. Also, Linda’s brother, William, is still barely twelve years old, but emerges to be adopting in his uncle's mode of behaviour and interactions. But William and Benjamin seems to develop their bravery from a personal good judgment of self-esteem—a deeply-rooted idea in their personal rights as an individual that has been trodden down in most disparity in human being. Their strange self-confidence may be basically as a result of the pressure of their mother/grandmother, aunty Marthy, including that of William's father, whose family member sovereignty has influenced them to perceive themselves as legally binding creatures instead of as private property.

Nonetheless, Dr. and Mrs. Flint clearly observe signs of this identical feature in Linda, because they make a combined attempt to disgrace her and place her in her rightful position.


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