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Free Iron Man: Innovation or Threat Essay Sample

In the modern world, people have focused their attention on technological development to make various machines and weapons with the intention of becoming more powerful and superior. The new inventions may appear good especially in regards to protection but people need to worry about the threat that they may possess to the world. However, most nations like the US and Russia have placed more focus on innovation, trying to develop better and more powerful machines as a way of becoming more superior in regards to war. There are several films which have been produced that focus on modern technology some of which have dangerous weapons which if invented in the real world would not be an innovation but a threat to humanity. The film titled Iron Man is a perfect example of technological and science fiction produced by Marvel Comics. The fantasies surrounding the powerful machines and technology used in the film will astonish anyone. Tony Stark is the Iron Man and the main protagonist in the film whose role is to use his superpower suit/armor which he developed himself to protect the lives of innocent civilians. However, with time, his suit gives him more powers to fly through air, smash and pass through walls, control various bewildering weaponry that are most dangerous, and perform uncountable fantastic feats, which are extraordinary. Stark is an American billionaire, however, after suffering a major chest injury when he was kidnapped while in Vietnam to conduct a field test for his transistorized weapons, he decided to create a suit of armor that is powered. This was after the Community leader who captured him, Wong-Chu demanded that he build a mass destruction weapon as the only way to offer him treatment for his chest, which had only a week to penetrate through the heart and kill him. After a few days, he managed to power the armor and used it to escape from his captivity. Back at home, he powers the suit with more technological devices which he had designed in his Stark Industries and used it to protect people as Iron Man, though concealing his identity to people. Stark, the Iron Man seems a great innovator who tries to change the world technologically within building weapons and Iron man, but his works threat human being, and causes to abuse sources by others.

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Weapons of Stark already sold

The main reason for which Stark was captured by Wong-Chu is that he wanted him to make for them better weaponry which has the potential to cause mass destruction. The film seems to be a fantasy especially the fact that Stark has brilliant ability to build new technology and weaponry, but the threat that they possess on the world and humanity is great. The fact that Stark decided to conduct his first field test in this area show that it is a region that was known to possess or contain such kind of weaponry. Starks weaponry had already been sold to the private enterprise in the nation and capturing him was the best chance to make him use his abilities to create for them a more lethal and powerful weapon that can cause more deaths. It shows that Starks potential is no longer an innovation but a threat to his life and to humanity at large especially when the weaponries get in the hands of terrorists like Wong-Chu.

The Iron Man might have been exploring the Cold War themes especially the role that American technology played to fight communism and for him to invent such weapons or even better ones. However, his subsequent re-imaginings of Cold War transition themes have turned out to become a major concern in the terrorism and corporate crime. The world has been experiencing much threat from the Middle East (Islamic) nations because of the fact that they have mass destructive weapons such as bombs, which they use to terrorize nations. The 9/11 is a perfect example that can be used to depict the ways in which innovation of new weaponry can cause great damage to humankind especially because the Middle East nations are taking advantage of technology to terrorize the world. It is a clear depiction that technological innovation is more of a threat to the world thus much care needs to be taken on their usage.

Stark arrest by the unknown group that is similar to terrorists clearly shows that man has ill motive and will do anything possible to become superior or get out of danger. It is because of this kidnapping that Iron Man began; Stark felt the need to protect the world against evil people like his kidnappers. However, in order to do so, he had to come up with a suit that was extraordinary which appeared more of a fantasy especially the fact that it gave him the ability to fly. However, as technological innovation continues, scientists are still looking for ways to make better weapons. It is just a matter of time for the world to experience or see such kinds of weapons in form of suits being used to fight off enemies across the world.

Stark therefore decided to turn into an iron man wearing an armor that composed of strong and light chromium titanium. The suit was also made of steel alloy that made it resistant to any form of gunfire while at the same time endure the person wearing it from powerful attacks and crashes the destructive weapons that are thrown at him. All these appear more interesting and possible because there are bulletproof vests plus vehicles and airplanes which are bullet proof. If scientist were able to come up with such machines and items, it is possible for them to develop Iron Man suit even though it may take time because of its complexity. However, the world should also expect that by the time such weapons are in existence, the terrorists shall have also expounded their weapons to fight back this would make innovation more of a threat to human beings than a blessing.

Unexpected innovation

Stark must have been a great inventor but coming up with the Iron Man suit was unexpected innovation that he later perfected to save humanity. He was forced by circumstances around him to come up with the suit. There was a possibility that Wang-Chu and his crew would have left him to die even after making the destructive weapon. In the end, the world would have been at a threat of terrorism and at the same time, Stark could have lost his life yet contributed to the deaths of millions of people. The only best option was to create the suit, which he could use to save himself and at the same time protect the world especially vulnerable people.

The invention of Iron Man was fun compared to the other science fiction books making the audience wonder the ultimate power of a human superhero in machine. When the interface is viewed together with the outer limits in a certain angle, one comes to realize the power and potential of science and innovation. The suit appeared more like a brain-machine, which was invented to bring the ultimate destruction especially its potential to spot and destroy the enemy. At the same time, it had super-strength, the Mark II enabled it the user to have some sort of superhuman strength that was more interesting to watch. For instance, Stark was able to lift heavy objects without any form of strain. It also enhanced his combat abilities enabling him to destroy all his enemies. The Mark II also had the flight mode; it is the only armor, which achieved the sustained flight making Stark even more powerful because of the ability to move around fast, easily to save and rescue people, and to go after his enemies. The Mark II enabled Stark to use all the Repulsors on boots and hand that gave him the power to fly at very high speeds. The Repulsors stabilized the armor particular when it was on the flight or when Stark was hovering around dangerous places.

However, the character of Stark especially while wearing the Iron Suit represents a culturally popular and compelling interpretation of the future possibility in the world of innovation. The intention of the producer would have been to enhance on fantasy science, but they were not aware that they were building some form of a bridge between real-life technological innovations and the fantasy science. The film is a primer of what is possible in the near future in the real world and in this case, it may not only be for a good cause like the Iron Man but for destruction purposes.

Threat of exposure of Iron Man in the world

The exposure of Iron Man to the world is real and is already happening. Scientists and researchers now regard the cold fusion, which Iron Man used to be bunk. The US Navy Space together with the Naval Warfare Systems Center are pursuing this technology with the claim that Stark’s use of the cold fusion would enable them to form new elements which is temporarily known as ununseptium. However, the scientists have not perfected their skills to be able to use the new elements because all the trials have failed especially the usage of the cold fusion with six atoms failed and decayed. Despite the failure, one fact remains which is that Iron Man techniques have been exposed to the world. The US Navy and Warfare Systems might have the same motive, as the Iron Man in regards to using it but there is a possibility that the terrorists will also come up with the same machine making the world a more dangerous place.

However, at the same time, physicists are still looking at the possibility of the existence of a stable island with super-heavy elements, which cannot break down easily. This same vibranium was used in the film especially in the Mark II Test showing that the world is already exposed to the Iron Man world showing a possibility of it becoming a threat to humanity than a good innovation that can help the world. It is because most nations are self-centered and ones they discover a particular technology that has the potential to make them superior, they will tend to be selfish with it and use it mainly for their good and not to help the whole world or save the world as Iron Man did in the film. There is also a possibility that the real world scientists would not build the same cyclotrons in a similar manner as Stark, they would tend to want more shielding to avoid any instances of death from the radiation rays.

There is evidence that scientists are using plasma to develop weapons like StunStrike, which has the potential to fire up a lightning bold, which can cause an electrical charge through the plasma stream. This can be used a major weapon to terrorize people or even destroy enemies which makes this innovative discovery more of a threat. At the same time, researchers have identified a ball of lightning placed in microwave ovens that resembles the same technique, which Iron Man used in the film as a repulsor blasts a clear depiction that the world is already exposed to Stark technological skills making the film less of a fantasy and a reality. There are inventors who have made claims that they can develop a aircraft that would fly around with the plasma thrusters in a similar way as Iron Man in the film. It is not refuted that the idea is not possible, but it will be placing the lives of the inventors and perhaps those who board the airplane to be at a risk. This is because of the electric charges that generate the plasma, which will be lying on the electromagnetic manipulated airplane causing a possibility of the inventor being electrocuted.

Real world usage of 3d print weapon

Obadiah Stane is totally different from Stark in that instead of using his power to make the world a better place, he uses it to manipulate and cause destruction. He can be compared with the real world away from the fantasies of the films. The world will use their innovative ideas on various technology to become ruthless manipulators especially terrorists. The aim would be to identify the weakness of a particular nation and use their weapon to exploit them or cause psychological manipulation like Obadiah did. Like Obadiah, those nations or terrorists will make their own rules in regards to defenses. It will be quite ironical that the world will be trying to get rid of weapons yet innovation will lead to creation of more dangerous weapons, which will be used by evil people to cause or bring harm to others.

A good example is the case of real world usage of 3D printing weapon, which have been a center of controversy especially in the US which has been trying to control gun usage. In the year 2012, the US Defense Distributed group decided to disclose its plans of designing plastic gun, which could be easily downloaded or reproduced by individuals who have a 3D printer. They placed the instructions on the internet on their website in the year 2013 and there is a possibility that several people had copied the techniques and sooner or later, the world will hear of the increase in gunpowder usage. All these innovations appear to be placing the world at great danger instead of making it a safer place. In conclusion, Stark, the Iron Man seems a great innovator who tries to change the world technologically within building weapons and Iron man, but his works threat human being, and causes to abuse sources by others. Technological advancement seems to proceed fast and through the help of ideas of fictional films, many scientists and researchers are now open to coming up with new innovations that would make the nation more powerful. However, there is danger, which is underlying that the world needs to look into before allowing technological developments to advance.


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