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Social marketing job is relatively a new concept in the world although social marketing practices have been used by various organizations for many years. Social marketing firms use the same techniques and concepts that advertisers use to sell their items-but we use them in selling healthy behaviors, instead. Usually, a social marketing team begins with an established need such as convincing people to be tested for HIV. We do marketing research to figure out what appeals to the target population. Many people involved in social marketing job for independent firms that offer services to health-oriented nonprofits and government agencies. Some of these are respected advertising and consulting agencies, while others are small start-ups with few customers. Sometimes, we work directly for the government agencies and various nonprofit organizations that focus on specific health issues. Social marketers makes use of various commercial marketing techniques to promote the adoption of a behavior that will improve the health or well being of the target audience or of the society as a whole. These are the methods used to focus on consumers, market research, and a systematic process for developing a marketing plan.

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Awareness of social marketing seems to be increasing but many individuals in the United States public health are still either unaware of this discipline or uncertain about what the term means. On the other hand, this means that creative, ambitious person has the opportunity to blaze new trails, such as helping to start a company or create a new department. Overall, opportunities will depend on interest from government and nonprofits and on the funding available. One way to get a toehold in this field is to begin with an internship at a social marketing firm; another is to begin with a job in communications or community outreach that incorporates some social marketing efforts.

Salaries for individuals involved in social marketing vary depending on the type of organization, the amount of available funding and the scope of the work. A starting salary of about forty thousand dollars would not be unusual, with higher salaries for individuals with more experience and responsibilities.

Social marketing is about tools, people, and organization. To get the greatest impact, you need to introduce the technology to a receptive audience and then apply in for business. Various social media tools and technologies are important in the social marketing field. For instance, computers, internet and superior communication tools are vital. Changes in communication technology lead to cultural intrusions among the customers or target groups. These changes may have some impacts on health, such as the marked decline in physical activity as a result of labor-saving devices at workplace and home, and the advent of computer driven home activities. Therefore, social marketers require up to date modern communication tools to enable them conduct their activities effectively.

Social marketing uses psychological, social and behavioral theories to change behavior and encourage positive living ways. To be an effective social marketer, one needs to be a good project manager and team leader, with the ability of bringing together a dynamic mix of skills, expertise and tools. Theory, research, segmentation, management of stakeholder relationships, management of budgets and mentoring are all important aspects of social marketing. Other skills include the knowledge of evaluation techniques, awareness of current social trends and fads, creativity, excellent written and spoken communication skills, strong understanding of marketing and media, including how to place ads, gain reporters’ attention, and appeal to the general public and understanding of how to present information for people with healthy literacy.

The educational requirements for this job include a high school education. An individual can pursue a bachelor’s in business administration majoring in business, marketing, and public relations. This makes the candidates have sufficient knowledge that pertains to social marketing’s fundamental aspects which helps them have a solid foundation. In addition, the applicants or candidates need to be well equipped with basic information technology skills because the many activities are becoming computerized. This will enable them to effectively use modern technology tools in carrying out social marketing activities.

Effective selection is important because it contributes to organizational productivity and employee growth. Selection practices that have found a place in organization practices for many years play an essential role in contemporary organizations. The selection process involves the intelligent use of selection predictors, which have become increasingly important in checking the applicants’ backgrounds. Some of the methods used in selection are tests and interviews. Tests are more appropriate in assessing the applicants’ knowledge, abilities and skills. This can be done through written responses, performance tests, verbal responses and exercises. Testing is inherently objective, and that in addition to matching an individual with a job and identifying specific traits, tests can protect against charges of negligent hiring. On the other hand, interviews are in-depth conversations conducted for the purpose of assessing the candidate. Interviews are appropriate in assessing the skills, knowledge and abilities and providing information to the candidate or the applicant about the organization and potential jobs.

In conclusion, all employers should use correct pre-employment tests to accomplish their primary objectives, which are; eliciting an applicant’s desirable traits and indentifying characteristics that most closely match the qualities required in any available job. There are many advantages and disadvantages that should be weighed before using any selection method. Tests and other selection methods must be validated. The keys to proving validity are job-relatedness and evidence that the test is a proven indicator of job success.


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