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Journalism permeates everyone's life in the modern word. In this assignment, the statement of the problem is about how to present a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of journalism. It will focus on journalism discussions including the media outlets, political, cultural and social life. The statement will focus on the Internet and its content specifically on line privacy and how they are violated. The statement will analyze common ways that online privacy seems to be violated consistently and the way forward.

Journalism is a method of investigating and reporting of things that occurred, issue, and trends to a wider audience. The agenda of journalism is to inform citizens although it encounters variations. Journalism covers a wide range of things such as government and business institutions or organizations.  It also covers traditional aspects of society specifically arts and entertainment. The journalism field such as editing, photojournalism and documentation are included in journalism work.

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In modern society, news media is the chief transmission of information and ideas about public affairs. The role and status of journalism together with other forms of mass media undergo various changes due to the internee particularly the website. Journalists often compose new stories in the new papers and magazines in a chronological way that attracts the audience. Longer articles especially magazine cover articles which differ from straight news read on television in several ways. Feature writers lure the readers through writing the essence of up front story rather than going straight away to the news. It is not common for a feature article to go direct to the first person, but rather stay away in the third persons' point of view. This is common in the case of interne privacy where people send email without knowing specific person who will track or receive them.

The journalists often make the piece more personal through interactions with interview subjects. The features on the first paragraphs usually relate an intriguing moment or event. The features quickly widens to generalities about the subject of the story from a person or an episode. Feature writers construct work in active-verb and include explanations of straight news, but usually have more personality in their prose.

Internet has violated some people's privacy especially when registering sites that require an email address or disclose specific interests.  Computers permanently store records where every on line photos, update of status in a website like Twitter post and blog entry has violated privacy of some individuals. People divulge personal information to gain access to certain web sites. This is clearly indicated especially when someone sends an email and does not have a concern on who will access their information. Individual privacy do conflict with freedom of speech laws thus laws that limit privacy are one of the strategies that need to be raised in order to safe guard interne privacy. Some people do not notice any web advertisements targeting their personal interests for instance some websites interfere with life and property of people. The spiritual and intellectual well being of people are one of the privacy rights that need to be protected, but this is violated through the web. The society sector including politics, business and committed copy right infringers are directly violated and others affected by copyright violations.

As far as journalism is concerned, certain policies for maintaining Internet privacy especially digital technology programs and use of copyright materials for designing to control the web site.  Dig marc is one of the controlling systems for an intellectual property and it offers a wide range of management and solutions.

Journalism is a method of collecting, writing, editing and presenting of new articles in newspapers, magazines and in radio, television and on the Internet. Although journalism has improved the life style of people, it has violated the privacy of some individual who normally use the web site. However, some companies have come up with new technology such as digital technology programs to avert this.


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