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The drafting processes have raised much of my emotional concern on the fate of children brought up in military family. The major problem that faced by families in military posting is the lack of supervision of the children. The children are given the least attention by the parents and they tend to live an eccentric life. Since they are less taken care of by the parents they have the tendency to fall prey to drugs and alcohol at a tender age. The occasional change of schools and neighborhood also create a negative impact on them as they lose their friends which bring emotional loss. So this can lead to depression and affect the mental health of children leading to atrocious behavior.
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To many the military camp can be your work place where your enormous or much of your entire time is spent, in spite of appreciating my career as writer it have came to my realization that balancing many career and family has been a difficult task, the development of our children is much concern to parent of today in offering them the best child care they can afford at their disposal. The United State Military Child Care Act define child care which include a learning program that addresses children's social, physical, emotional, cognitive, and language development and enhancement. It can provide a series of programs and supervision that addressed to each child's developmental needs, interests, and behavior. However, they are designed for specific ages and group sizes, and can take place in different setting.

Children hold a strong part for the future of our society therefore, the way they are brought up determine to a large exceed the kind of society they will have in future. So far in spite of our every demanding career parent including my self should appreciate the need to give more attention to child care despite giving them basic needs because child development include other issues such as molar support from their parents. My greatest aspiration is to do an article dealing with factors that determine the overall outcome of the human character, because it will answer the many riddles unanswered.


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