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Free Legalization of Drugs Essay Sample


The essay is an in depth analysis of legalization of drugs and its negative consequences in the city of Philadelphia. Historically, the United States of America has found it self between a hard rock and a stone when it comes to the issues of drugs especially the illegal ones. There are those who strongly argue for legalization of such drugs but on the other hand, groups of individual stongly refute legalization of drugs. Both sides are worth noting have very strong supporting arguments. It is worth noting from the onset that the issue to legalize drugs in various American states has a long history. However, due to the serious negative consequences of doing so are clear, there is need to bring them in light for all stakeholders to be aware of.

Globally, only ten countries do allow usage of such drug as marijuana but in limited amounts, similarly several countries including the United States (fourteen states), Canada, and Australia among others have allowed consumption of marijuana for medical purposes. Drug consumption is associated with curbing stress; this creates problems and more solution which in turns generate more problems to human race.

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Negative impacts of legalizing drugs

There are a myriad of negative impacts that will be generated as a result of legalizing drugs in the City of Philadelphia and can be broadly classified into socially, economically, politically and partly environmentally. It is worth remembering the fact that drug kingpins will definitely continue to gain a lot of cash from the insatiable appetite of Americans for illicit drugs if such drugs are legalized. Going by what is happening in other countries for instance Mexico and Colombia, then the evil empires built by the emerging multinational criminal consortiums seem to threaten the existing authority of government, if legalize, then Philadelphia authority and the USA government at large risk losing authority over its subjects.

Although it is argued that a lot of revenue will be generated when drugs such as marijuana are legalized, the fact speaks for them since as at 2009, there were about 102 million American who used marijuana. Legalizing it then will see to it that there is an upsurge in number of Americans who use the drug especially from Philadelphia city. This coupled with the health complications associated with such drugs will make citizen who use them to seek medical attention, the increased number will insert a lot of pressure on the existing healthcare facilities this thus means less resources per individual hence poor medical services to Americans.

It has also been brought forth that legalization of illicit drugs such as marijuana will see to it that more American consumes the drug making them addicted to it. Medicine has shown as that such addiction in most cases make the human body to yearn for more harder drugs and this will mean that American will indulge themselves in consumption of such drugs as heroine, cocaine, hashish among others which usually have very serious health complications to human health.

Taking the case of California to support the negative implication of legalizing drugs, it came to the notice of the city municipalities that mature marijuana do produce an odor smell that make citizens uncomfortable. Additionally, growing of such plant will bring about criminal activities such as theft among others. Due to availability of market, individual will engage in stealing the product from firms.

On the same note, it is worth noting that at present, most crime associated with drug use such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana for instance murder and kidnapping are confine at the border between United States of America and Mexico. This will change immediately such drugs are legalized especially in a city like Philadelphia. Legalization thus means that various criminal acts and social evils experiences at the border will definitely flow into the heart of the country.

There is also another problem that is linked with legalization of illicit drugs. Since it is very clear that the business is a multi-billion business, an extensive and intensive campaign to reach as many as possible consumers will completely spoilt the whole city and probably the country as it will try to justify that marijuana consumption is not bad. This will generate a society that is fully negatively impacted health wise, politically, socially and economically.

Numerous studies have been done concerning the effects of marijuana to student's performance. The finding is very clear that those student who consume drugs especially marijuana perform poorly as compared to their counterpart who do not use drugs. The rationale behind this is that the drug impact negatively in the cognitive behavior which influences learning, short-term memory. Additionally, there will be a lot of problems in trying to harmonize state laws and federal laws as the later is very clear on drugs.

Similarly, studies have shown that individual who consumes drugs such as marijuana in most cases tends to become relaxed and lazy. This implies that, if legalized, then most of the city's population will not be active in contributing to our economy. Additionally, sitting back pose a health hazard as there are chances of the victims being obese which is accompanied by serious heart disease that are fatal.


From the review of the concept of legalizing drug in Philadelphia, although there are medical grounds on doing the same, the serious negative implication it will bring to the society such as increase drug use, increased crime, and poor academic performance among others makes one to things twice before even supporting legalization of illicit drugs.


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