Free Let the Great World Spin by McCann Essay Sample

New York City is seen being a bad influence to other people as a large section of the individuals is involved in drugs while in the city and later transform to better people the time they move out of the city. A good instance is Blaine who was addicted to cocaine after he left New York, where he started it. When he left, he continued abusing the drug and returned to classical painting style. It is while at the painting that his rate of spending money reduced when compared to while she was at New York. Another case is Lara, who returned to painting of urban landscapes after her change to being an urban abstract artist from rural transition. When Lara and Blaine tried to attempted to get away from their dark past that was maligned with alcohol and drugs by going to a peaceful country, their addiction to drugs brought them back one night and it is then that fate interacts with them with Gloria, Ciaran, Corrigan and the prostitutes Jazzlyn and Tillie.

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The drugs problem in the novel can be blamed on the manner the drugs were easy to access; free and open. The presence of the prostitutes made the flow of drugs easier. This allowed any person who interacted with them to become addicted.

In McCann’s novel, he introduces a Philippine called Petit who in 1974 walked a tight rope. He was a desperately poor and an addict of alcohol and drugs in addition to being homeless. Petit got himself involved in drugs when began living with prostitutes. Drugs were enshrined in the normal pattern of life in this locality and were taken openly. Corrigan lit cigarettes even in hospitals and not even a single person took any care of it. When Jazzlyn fell on the grown and her Jacket got open, several bags of cocaine went open and that did not take anyone by surprise. Not even the judicial system, which was mandated to check on drug usage in New York City, took any steps to curb it.  This gave the drugs more circulation and consumption. Clare’s husband openly confessed about abandoning his hopes of issuing justice as the prevailing situation in his office was more than he couldhandle.


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