Free Lost Boys of Sudan with Green Card Essay Sample


Immigration is quite important for human life. In this regard, Green cards program and immigration policies have been put in place by the US government so as to enhance immigration. However, green card program is open to all people who are interested in working and living in America. This paper takes a critical analysis and comparison of documentary lost boys of Sudan with BOTH” Green cards by Alverto Alvaro Rios and Education are my mother and my father by David Chanoff in relation to immigration. The essay further examines the purpose of green cards and the challenges immigrants face in living in multicultural societies such as America.

To begin with, Rios highlights the challenges faced by refugees in coping with new environment. The plot of documentary is based on the lost boys of Sudan who have got the Green cards which guarantees them an opportunity to live and work in America. Although in the quest of all these opportunities they face immense challenges to in Multicultural American society.

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The documentary on also highlights the importance of American green cards program in offering not only refugees but also other people from different parts of the world a great chance to discover their talents and prosper in life in America. The second literal work Education is my mother and my father" by David chanoff gives a succinct analysis of the impact of education in their life of refugee not only refugee who have lost they relatives from Sudan but all over the world and it goes further to comprehensively state the importance of education to human kind in relation to good life.

American Green cards program offers an opportunity to live study and work in America has got and immense impact in changing life of suffering people in Africa. According to Chanoff “in August of 2001, 80 young men walked into the milking shed at the University of New Hampshire's Dairy Management Program and were utterly perplexed. Most were tall, many well over six feet”. Their skins were black and their slender posture seemed unnaturally gaunt. However, the faces of the boys from Sudan glowed with a mixture of happiness, expectation, as well as curiosity. “Each of these young men was an expert on cattle, although it had been many years since any of them had so much as touched a bull, a cow, or a calf”. 

“Until coming to the United States, the young Sudanese men had never ridden in a car, switched on an electric light, watched a television, or used a flush toilet”. As children they had lived in conical grass houses and followed their cattle. As refugees they had slept in mud huts, subsisting on a daily bowl of corn porridge. And now here they were, in Durham, New Hampshire, trying to comprehend a computerized milking operation with pulsating vacuums, sterile tanks, and high-tech cooling systems. For one long bewildering moment in that milking shed, the ancient and the modern stood face to face. 

Education has opened a new chapter in the lives of immigrant Sudanese in America and more than four years later, some of those same Sudanese are students at the University of New Hampshire, not in dairy management but in mathematics, economics, and business administration. “In other Boston-area Sudanese are enrolled at the University of Massachusetts, Brandeis, Dartmouth, Boston College, Boston University, and other schools”.

These stories depicted by the documentary Lost Boys of Sudan with both Green Card and Education is my Mother and Father show case how unique group of young Sudanese are determined and transforming themselves and on the other hand being changed by American culture. Towards this, “an effort to slide inside the minds of the children the Lost Boys used to be and to see the world as they saw it before the eruption of violence that sent them into panicked flight across the East African desert”.

Comparison of the two works above

The two literary works stress the plight of refugees and the importance of immigration policies which allow refugees to seek asylum in different countries. In addition, the works show the resilience and determination which refugees possess in their quest for good life. This is seen when refugees learn and adapt to multicultural society life style in America. The two works illustrate some of the greatest achievement which good immigration policies and Green cards offer to people across the world. The lessons learned is that everyone has got an opportunity to prosper when given an opportunity in life and therefore it is a call for everyone including global leaders to create an environment which not only provide opportunities but also create peace in the world. In conclusion, these works are quite important in creating awareness to the world some of the challenges faced by refugees in search of good life elsewhere out side their countries.


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