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This paper will be a contextual analysis of the advertisement by Zales titled 'Love Rocks (String)'. This is an exceptional advertisement from Zales who are well versed in the creation of perfectly effective adverts and persuasive as well. The paper will delve in looking at the various key aspects that make the advert appealing. The paper will also seek to determine the type of audience it is meant for and what key areas in the advert help in identifying this target audience.

First it would be in order to understand the company-Zales and what the firms deals with. Zales is a company that was established in 1924 by brothers William and Morris Zale. Since the first store was opened, the company has grown to be an affordable provider of jewellery in North America, making it the most authoritative store that gives value for money. The store majorly deals with a wide range of jewellery; from branded jewellery, custom made ornaments and the widest selection of jewellery than any other jeweller in North America. It deals with gold, diamonds, watches, gemstones, platinum, stainless steel and platinum.

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The effort and funds spent in producing the advert in question helps us understand the value of shopping at Zales. Zales is an organization that aims at giving consumer value for their money. They thus develop adverts that are appealing to the targeted audience. The firm develops concepts that are value oriented and which are aimed at creating an attachment with the audience. The advert, love rocks is not an exception either.

The advert involves a man who romantically proposes to his fiancée, who ties a string to the ring finger and slides a ring to her. This advert has received a substantial amount of airplay and far from this, it has gotten an average amount of uploads as personal attachments in social sites as well as in advertisement magazines websites.

To better analyse and contextualize this advert, it would be in order to first determine the type of audience it targets. Telling for the advertisement, we can see that it is aimed at a wide audience. An audience that is mature and well passed the adolescent stage. In particular, the advert can be said to be directed to the youthful, mature, income earning individuals that have some class. The target audience is specifically the young couples that are venturing to get married and the ultimate romantic in all of us.

The question that arises however is, how then do we come to such a conclusion? From the advert we can look at several key images and concepts that help create an appeal to the targeted audience. These images and concepts will help us in identifying why the advert excels in capturing the audience that it is targeted for.

The characters in the shot are youthful, and seem to be mature and from an income earning class. The couple is an attractive one and gives the impression that they have known each other for quite some time now. This is seen from the fact that the man knows that his plan will work as he ties the string in the finger of his fiancée. He knows that she is almost waking up and so he des this carefully. When he reaches the top of the opposite building and pulls the string the fiancée wakes up to find a sign asking 'will you'. The characters act in the way in which almost every individual in that class and also from the young age or the romantic at heart would act. They bring out the real world in a heroic way especially the man when proves to be creative, something that is appealing to the target audience especially the female audience.

The second aspect that is also appealing in the advert is the choice of melody. The choice of the melody used in this advertisement is a classic one from Zales to its customers. They play a melody all though the shot that is both classical and appealing to the targeted audience. In fact, that choice of the melody superbly flows with the moment. It helps create the emotional feel of romanced. This emotional effect creates an attachment with most of the target audience. The melody, which is a song by Robert Francis "Don't Forget Love", is lyrically effective and instrumentally powerful. This type of melody alone creates the required attention to the audience. The combination of the melody and the acts in the play portrays ingenuity. The type of ingenuity displayed in the advert is one that most people would like to be associated with. This gives Zales an upper hand from the competition in that the organization creates a form of never ending trust to the customers, proving that it would help them achieve the greatness of a special moment in life.

The advert is superior. This is because the effectiveness of the shot is greatly achieved. When the man performs all the stunts it basically shows that he is concerned and committed with the importance of the occasion. This is because the man acts in a romantic and clever way to give out a precious ring to a precious lady in his life and asks it to be their sign of love for life. The words that he des not speak are heard in the melody that accompanies the shot. The lyrics, 'the deepest oceans of our time, the only moment have all mine' by Robert Francis, does the magic required to make the shot appealing.

The advert which is a dramatic conveyance of love is timeless. The advert is successful in this, since it brings out a love that is never ending something that a wedding ring should do. The amazing fact in the advert is that the advert does not exalt the diamond ring rather it exalts the importance of the moment. Thus, this creates an attachment with the target audience. It such an act of magnifying the moment rather than the ring itself that matter and thus creating an enduring appeal with the audience.

To conclude, the advert gives the inference that a company of high standards such as Zales can be trusted to deliver at moments that are special to the audience. Moments that requires commitment and ingenuity to create a lasting effect. The very fact that the advert has had attachment to social sites such as you tube also gives the conclusion that the advert is successful in creating an emotional chard with its target audience, which is important for the success of any advertisement. In essence, for a video to be uploaded and streamed in such social sites it should be successful in creating an emotional effect, a cry or a laugh, a shock or an amusement. The advert is relevant now and also in the future. It could be used to market the same product presently and also years to come. The ingenuity in the shot is simply amazing. Love should be a never ending thing and thus should be nurtured and given all the effort and commitment it requires. The advert displays all this and then finally unleashes what is required to cream such effort, a ring- a diamond ring that would last a lifetime. Makes all the young men want to buy this ring for their loved ones. It is an ultimate success.


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