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Oak is a team of seven individual members. The team organized a charity activity. The activity did not only attract donors, but it also gave an opportunity to donors to enjoy themselves. The money collected during the charity goes to the needy, orphan children in Zambia, Africa. The activity of the charity majorly involved a game meant to relieve stress. The arrangement of the event received significant attention from members even though employed and thus have busy schedules. The pleasure of the team came from its ability to attract many donors to the cause.

There are many children who face challenges such as starvation, poverty, lack of education. They also wish that they could have someone to support them in life. The primary mission of collecting funds was to facilitate helping of these children and improving their lives. The donations will specifically be used for supporting poor children in Africa for a period of one year by providing them with food, shelter and education. In addition, the contributors had a chance to get refreshments of juice or soda of their choice.

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The name of the game played is “juice pong”. The game relates to the well-known game “Beer pong” for college students in America, which involves shooting three balls to the cups faced. However, the game did have neither a winner nor a looser; the sole reason for inclusion in charity being for fun. All the participants who donated got consideration as winners; therefore, they chanced a privilege to choose any refreshing drink of their choice.

The potential target group of the initiative was American students. Students prefer balancing studies with free time for enjoyment. In view of this, on Friday, the event took place after the students had a long day studying. The information and mobilization of the students to this noble event happened through specially created posters. Display of posters in crowded places explains the good attention it received. The posters gave a description of the game and the supported charity.

The plan to raise money to help the less fortunate people and put a smile on their faces still remains a noble part of life. Since it involved a team, division of different tasks among members became very important so as to make everything easier to the success of the charity. Different locations for advertisement such as near the burger king and place for setting team’s table were strategic and wisely chosen. Everyone took part in attracting people and in placing everything in order. For example, Darri and Anas shopped and prepared the tools for the game. Members, on the other hand, explained the procedure of the game to donors.

The small project main aim was to raise money for charity. It is a business plan and an idea that blended the entertainment and contribution of money for charity. There could not been any other activity other than playing a game similar to Beer pong but with juice and sodas instead. Indeed, the organization of everything required money. The Juice Pong game required cups, juice of different flavors, and other necessary items. The cost approximated to sum amount of thirty dollars in total. Thanks to the members who raised the said amount and contributed by buying some items. The money left from expenditure went to charity.


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