Free Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Essay Sample

Human beings have different needs that must be satisfied for them to survive or rather exist. These needs are often ranked from the most important to less important. In line with this, there are several theories that have been developed in the past to explain more on human needs. Among these theories is Maslow's hierarch of needs. In reference to McCune and Alexander, all human beings have certain needs that must be met. These needs are cited as the major driving force or motivation among human beings, with every person seeking to achieve the highest level of needs.

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Following this, one of the questions that have arisen in the past is whether Maslow's hierarchy of need is a useful tool to explain Capt. Rockwood's action, a United States soldier who ruined his career while trying to save the Haitian prisoners. To answer this question, it is important to look at various aspects of Maslow's hierarchy of needs as well as Capt. Rockwood's actions and determined whether there is a relationship between the two. To begin with, Maslow's hierarchy of needs asserts that there are certain needs that act as the driving force or rather motivation among human beings. In this respect, one can argue that the need to see those who were perceived as the weak (i.e. the prisoners) was an important aspect that motivated Capt. Rockwood to go against the orders of his seniors and make his point heard.

In line with this, the actions of Rockwood were aimed at achieving or rather enforcing the security of those prisoners as well as forcing the prison as an institution to guarantee that they would provide physiological needs for the prisoners. From Capt. Rockwood's perspective which was confirmed by the United Nations' inspective team, the conditions in the National Penitentiary were pathetic coupled with numerous accounts of abuse of human rights, a factor that violated or rather prevented the satisfaction of the human needs of the prisoners. Therefore, it can be argued that Maslow's hierarch of needs is a useful tool to explain Capt. Rockwood's actions of trying to free the Haitian prisoners.

The actions of Capt. Rockwood were appropriate at that particular time. To begin with, he did not need to show up alone in the Haitian Prison masquerading as an emissary of the United States on a mission to inspect the National Penitentiary. However, the surrounding circumstances at the time forced him to take such drastic actions. Notably, Capt. Rockwood had communicated his observations regarding the violation of the human right of prisoners but no one was ready to listen to him. Furthermore, his seniors were not willing at the time to use their military capability to ensure that law and order was maintained. Instead, they watched as the Haitian people engaged in numerous accounts of unlawfulness. In this regard, Capt. Rockwood's actions were right.

On the contrary, looking at Capt. Rockwood's actions from Maslow's hierarchy of needs perspective, he was right in pursuing such action as a way of bringing to the limelight what was happening in the National Penitentiary. Note that after his one-man invasion, the United Nations sent in inspectors who confirmed that the National Penitentiary was actual violating human rights. This could not have been the case, or on the other hand, the outcry to correct the situation in the National Penitentiary could have taken a long period of time if Capt. Rockwood had not acted according to his conscience. This therefore justifies his actions as well as his role of protecting lives as a soldier from a democratic country.


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