Free Microsoft Corporation Essay Sample

Microsoft is a company that deals with the development of computer software. It is situated in the United States. Stakeholders are the people or things that are affected by a company. Microsoft stakeholders are; employees, environment, suppliers, customers and partners. Microsoft's management strives to satisfy their stakeholder by providing them with perks, preserving them and creating valuable opportunities.

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Its employees are provided with perks such as valet parking in chosen buildings, dry cleaning, and transport through the use of shuttles which are Wi-Fi enabled among others. Microsoft strives to satisfy its customers and computer manufacturers by providing them with choice. It has facilitated the licensing and design of Windows on contractual terms so as to facilitate the ease of installation of non-Microsoft programs. It has also allowed for the configuration of personal computers which are Windows based to be able to make use of non-Microsoft programs. It also strives to maintain its suppliers by providing opportunities for software developers.

It has done this by ensuring that Windows platform is able to support various products. Microsoft has further promoted interoperability and hence the promotion of competition in ecosystem of customers, companies and partners who support Windows. It protects the environment by recycling and reusing materials. It uses energy efficiently and also participates in recycling programs. It ensures that generated wastes are disposed off appropriately. Microsoft has endorsed the UN Global Compact that demonstrates its commitment to the alignment of business operations which has established principles with regard to labor, human rights, business ethics and environment. It further demonstrates its commitment to shareholders, the public, customers and directors by the periodical communication of its progress.

Microsoft has experienced suits against that have claimed that they are a monopoly which strives to crush other players by developing software which are not interoperable. They have also been accused of discriminating against female and other minorities (African-American) employees. The monopoly suit greatly affected its customers in the United States and so many customers opting for Linux operating system. Discrimination against employees must have affected the morale of the affected employees and thus laid a toll on their production.


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