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Analyzing a phenomenon involves the choice between stereotyping objective studying. Middle Eastern cultures are often stereotyped against, although it has been found out that their objective analysis through the humanities tradition can result to different ideas of much wider scope. In respect to this,the paper contrasts stereotyping and humanities traditions and defines the potential for each kind of analysis, followed by the summary of its basic ideas.

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Middle Eastern cultures

The Middle Eastern cultures are often stereotyped. Hudson says that stereotype is a "preconceived, standardized idea of a specific group of people". This idea is too simple in the understanding of the complexity of the phenomenon and is almost erroneous. For example, the representatives of Middle Eastern cultures are often stereotyped against as violent, irrational people and terrorist. Based on this, one cannot see any pros of such an analysis approach, while cons include wrong ideas about cultures and intercultural misunderstanding that gives rise to conflicts.

On the other hand, analyzing Middle Eastern cultures through the humanities tradition allows their scrutiny in finer details. For instance, Northrop Frye argues that "it is the business of the humanities to nurture the capacity to articulate". The analysis of Middle Eastern cultures through such humanities' aspects as art, philosophy, language and others facilitates the viewing of the cultures from the inside hence leading to the development of the actual facts about them which cannot be achieved by stereotyping since it is groundless and prejudiced in most cases.

Drawing from the above, one can realize the shortcoming for stereotyping as a way of analyzing the Middle Eastern cultures because it is only useful to the communities of uneducated people whose minds are easily taken by stereotypes. On the contrary, humanities tradition has the potential to develop the knowledgeable society as it involves the people with analytical thinking skills.


To conclude, stereotyping and humanities tradition are two opposite ways of analysis. The former is erroneous and biased, while the latter allows finding out actual facts about Middle Eastern cultures. Accordingly, these findings are significant for defining the potential of the humanities tradition as greater for the development of the knowledgeable and intelligent society.


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