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Motorola is one of the main prominent telecommunication industries in the globe. It is a manufacturer of wireless telephone handsets, and a marketer of wireless network communications gadgets such as cellular transmission and signal amplifier base stations. The corporation has been an international leader in offering automotive, broadband and wireless communications. Motorola is prominent in communication and technology innovation, through its distinctive brands and several technological breakthroughs and strives hard to merge, new markets new technologies, and new talents that will discover future technological solutions.

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Salient opportunities and threats that exist in Motorola's external environment

Analysis of factors affecting the external environment is important because it offers helpful information in matching the corporation's resources and the capability to competitive environment under which it operates. Brand is one opportunity in Motorola firm.  The major opportunities available to Motorola Corporation are brands, promotional strategies and innovations.

Motorola brands are well positioned in the telecommunications market, Motorola Company's tough marketing and promotional strategies and use different marketing tools such as TV. Motorola companies have a strong willingness of taking risks via product innovations.  Innovation brings competitive advantage to Motorola. Creation and enhancement of new products results to differentiation which leads to reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction which has enabled Motorola to achieve large markets internationally.

The corporation has been engaged with the continuing rollout of services of Telco TV which is being carried out by Verizon and this has assisted the corporation to be in a better position in the swiftly growing market. Motorola has several products that enable it to simply penetrate into the hybrid market than its competitors. It has been capable of penetrating to several countries such as Japan, Italy, France, Taiwan, United Kingdom, South Korea and Hong Kong and has continued penetrating new markets.

The major threat to Motorola's external environment is competition. The corporation is faced with immense competition form Japan which has brought in high quality and cheap telecommunications products into the market. The corporation does not have the protection the government against external business rivals and market sharing with overseas competitors. Motorola companies are also faced with trade barriers since they can't penetrate into Japanese markets.  

Motorola is not the sole enterprise in the wireless industry and there are companies like Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB) Company which has highly considerable opportunities since it has a strong lineup of products within the mix of IP-DTT STB area.  ADB Company has been attaining an excellent appeal in Western Europe where it has been able to develop a market position and this acts as a key threat to Motorola. Another threat that the corporation is being faced with is the way to surpass Sagem communication which attained the highest market rank in France as a result of its strong market position.   

Company's most prominent strengths and weaknesses

The strengths of Motorola company is that is the leading company in offering wireless handset, broadband and communication systems and the only supplier of the  iDEN network infrastructure to Sprint Nextel. Motorola is a prominent and strong player in the market. It has an excellent lineage with STB and managed the acquired Kreaatel which gave it a high entrée into European market and external North America base and has also confirmed technologies form its personal and other video platforms.

Weaknesses in Motorola corporation is that the entire quality of its business practices and operations products at times make customers unhappy, with numerous of their products having several defects. Their employees are also poorly educated and have low levels of training and motivation.  Motorola's cellular business has reduced and this has made the corporation to lose majority of their prominent customers around the globe. This has also made the corporations phone network equipment to decline in orders and sales.

Advantages and disadvantages associated with each of Motorola's strategic options

Motorola has built strategic plans through using intangible and tangible resources in execution of its goals.  Intangible resources include workers who are dedicated towards accomplishing corporation goals and experts who are highly in innovative technology. Tangible resources include products which are highly used globally. This strategy is at disadvantage because there are other firms in the information and technology industry and thus the company has to develop strategies that will enable it to stay in the competitive market.

Motorola has adopted a competitive strategy through use of the new WiMaX technology. In the information and communication industry, worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMaX) is an important strategic option to Motorola. WiMaX has the latent of replacing several accessible telecommunications infrastructures, copper wire networks, and cellular networks utilized by telephone companies, and coaxial cable infrastructure which is utilized by cable television whilst granting internet service provider services. Motorola has progressed in the WiMaX technology and has also adapted to its trends.

The corporation provides WiMaX chips and makes alliances with other providers so as to incorporate WiMaX into numerous cell phones provided by companies such as Sprint/Nextel. Motorola's continued investment in advances in technology will keep the corporation an international leader for offering and innovating communications equipments. Broadband wireless access and particularly WiMaX is being implemented globally. The significance of WiMaX to Motorola Corporation is that the major competitors primarily Nokia and Cisco Systems in the business of communications equipment are operating to offer WiMaX technology to the mobile society.

Motorola's competitive strategy of using WiMaX technology, however, has its own disadvantages.  Threat of new entrants in WiMaX technology is a competitive force posing a challenge to Motorola. Though the corporation has an excellent reputation and a good value of stock market, there are major competitors in this technology. Entry costs for WiMaX are low comparative to cellular technology. Entry costs are anticipated to rapidly drop when there are more manufacturers of certified equipment. As the technology matures, the obstacles posed by support and operations are eradicated as a result of improvements in customer service and network monitoring.

How the corporation's strategy and organizational structure can be designed to solve the company's strategic issues

There is fierce competition in the information and technology industry.  Motorola companies are supposed to fiercely compete in order to survive in the market and at times have to conspire so as to attain competitive advantage over other firms.  Motorola companies are needed to differentiate their products and services, utilize cost leadership and provide reduced cost to their consumers to surpass their market competitors. In the market, there are potential new telecommunications service providers coming up with novel ideas and diverse products which may compliment services and products of Motorola to customers.

There is the potential of entry of substitute telecommunications products which achieve same purpose of fulfill same need. Therefore Motorola companies are supposed to recognize their potential alternative products for their services so as to assist them in designing a sustainable competitive strategy.  The bargaining force of suppliers has a considerable impact on telecommunications producers. Motorola companies have key buyers who purchase their products in high volumes comparative to the entire industry and corporation should therefore strive to ensure that their consumers are gratified with the products of Motorola in the market. 

The cost of digital products has drastically reduced and this has resulted to entry of more customers into the market and the subsequent increase in demand of Motorola products. The overall market for consumers of electronics heavily relies on technology and innovations and thus Motoroala Corporation should increase innovations and advance technology.  

How Motorola should proceed

Motorola should use road map technology to enhance strategic planning. The  purpose of this technology is to make sure that the company initiates plans that will have right processes,  components, and technology are in place to achieve future needs of services and products.  The technology roadmap will incorporate technology plans through Motorola Corporation and offer systems of balances and checks to eradicate market suprises and misjudgments via a link of technology to product plans and business strategies.

Roadmapping is one of the methods that Motorola can use in strategic planning that will make the company different for other firms in the industry. The one Motorola roadmap plan offers a universal roadmapping procedure, together with a universal database for all Motorola companies.  This gives the companies to develop, construct and share their technological products, visions, as well as strategy roadmaps through the entire corporation. This also offers strategic planning which develops and creates a tough coupling amid core competencies, key technologies and products.  


Motorola has several opportunities and strengths which enable it to make a strong market position and emerge as a leading telecommunications corporatin in the globe. Motorola has several brands, strong marketing and promotional strategies and engagement in technological innovations which has enabled it to reduced costs of its products and increased customer satisfaction. However, Motorola has threats such as competition from Japanese companies which manufacture similar telecommunications products and sell them at a cheaper price. The Corporation also faces trade barriers since it cannot infiltrate Japanese markets. This has made the Corporation to develop competitive strategies through the use of WiMaX technology which has helped it to remain competitive in global markets.


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