Free NetVis Analysis Essay Sample

The very first thing that impresses about the site is the home page or the registration page. It is a very clear page whose particulars are very much visible. This is down to two main aspects about the page. The first issue is the fact that the page is humbly colored in white and blue. The colors are very cool to the eye hence causing a very attractive and relaxing site to stay on. The second aspect about the long in or registration page is that the page contains very minimal items. At the very top part of the page, the name of the site is located with its main course which is dynamic visualization of social networks. The log in section containing the user name and password are clearly segregated at the right hand corner. This makes it very easy to locate even for a new visitor to the site. The focal point of the page is the diagram demonstrating social network that is located at the center of the page. On the other left side are links containing information about the site and the registration process for new members. The well spaced items on the page make it very objective and easy to guide to other links.

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On logging in, the user is directed to the home page that contains all the links to the various parts of the site that a social network fan may be interested in. in my case I had to go no idea about NetVis and I had to find a quick way of learning my way through it. This led me to the NetVis Modal Tutorial. This link took me straight to the page where a quick overview is given to the user on the basics that are involved in navigating the site. The fact that NetVis has specifically created this link to clarify the main ideas about the site to the new users is a very effective manner that they have used in ensuring that the site works for the people and not the other way. This classifies the network as very user-friendly which is a very commendable thing.

Another item that makes the site a very user friendly one is the fact that it has in every page that is opened away form the home page has the "Return to Social Networks" icon. This enables very fast navigations between the pages in the website. The fact that the home page is always accessible from any need of the site is very important.

Although the site has done all the explanation about the main idea contained in NetVis, it remains a very difficult page to be used given the fact that it deals with very abstract aspects of social networking. The tables ad figures that are formulated are far much of a headache to be used. It is therefore convincing enough to conclude that the much abstract aspect about the site makes it very difficult to be used by uneducated people. The complex nature of the site is very disturbing and confusing for a new user of the site. This was exactly the same case that I had the first time I made use of the site. This is the only demerit that may be identified about the site as being the negative aspect amidst all the positive strengths that have already been talked about above in the paper.


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