Free Object Analysis-Laptop Essay Sample

A laptop is an individual owned computer deliberated for mobile use. As a device, this machine integrates almost all the components existing in a desktop computer such as display, keyboard, pointing devices such as the mouse and the touchpad, speakers among others, into a single manageable unit. Electricity is the essential and a reliable source of power that powers a laptop via the AC adapter.

From the word mobile, an implication is shown that laptop can be used away from home or office using a rechargeable battery. Through estimation, researchers have shown that a fully charged battery of a laptop can run the machine for three to five hours, if only the battery is new and in good working conditions.

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Most people believe that behind any invention, there must be a reason. In the case of a laptop, portability is the best possible reason that ran across the designer's mind. He wanted to integrate all the components contained in a desktop into a single unit so as to enhance convenience of using a laptop at any place of choice. Secondly, the designer wanted a device that had a relatively bigger memory that could store adequate data fed by the user. The use of electricity power is a times unreliable. There are situations where they are interrupted. To solve this issue, the designer of a laptop saw a need of developing an internal battery that could hold power for quite sometime so as to enable the user to summarize his or her duties.

In essence, the primary goals and objectives behind the development of a laptop device were to enhance both efficiency and effectiveness. Further, the designers wanted to make its target customers to use a laptop conveniently. It is important to note that the target market of laptop computers includes people of all generations, whether working class, students, school instructors, business persons among others.

In summary, the advantages of a laptop include portability and efficiency. Compared to desktop computers, laptops take a relatively small space and therefore look neater than the desktop. The only major deficiency of a laptop computer is that it is expensive and cannot be afforded by many people, mo so those in the developing countries. Despite the advantage, this machine has fulfilled its intended needs and continues to be improved due to the technological advances in the world. Its use has been embraced by many people in the world.


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