Free Operational Analysis for Shinka Tea Essay Sample

The main goal of Shinka Tea is to increase the quality of life and the health benefits of all their customers by serving them with the finest natural tea products and the natural fruit blended drinks.  This goal is able to attract for them a good number of customers in the Asian market.

The new expansion plan for Shinka Tea is a small scale production of bottle milk tea which will be done in a small place. The requirement for this is adequate facilities, proper inventory control and ability to meet the legal and regulatory market requirements.  However, being an already producing company, it has adequate facilities that it has been using in the production of the natural tea and natural fruit drinks. Once this product has been introduced in the market, it is very necessary to ensure that the supply is continuous to prevent causing dissatisfaction among the customers.  This will be achieved by having a stable supplier of all the materials required such as the packaging and production materials that will ensure that nothing runs short of supply.  Proper inventory will be necessary to ensure that the business can record of all its products to see whether it is making profits through the new product. Space will also be required to ensure that all the commodities fit in the company's facilities without congestion.

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Other factors that are necessary for implementation of the new plan are the legal and regulatory details in establishment of the milk tea production. Legal requirements include the licenses and the medical tests for those working in the plant. This will ensure that the company carries out the operations without legal interferences.

Market overview

To ensure that Shinka Tea has a wide coverage of customers, it is necessary to make connections with the local outlets such as the supermarkets and retail shops in the minor towns. This will ensure that its products reach a wide base of customers. To achieve this, the company will be required to make huge productions at ago for adequate supply to those outlets. This will also result in a large sale for the company.  The company is planning to target the young people, the company will be required to use an advertisement method that will best reach them within the Asian markets. Use of Uwajimaya supermarket as the main awareness point will be appropriate due to the central location of the supermarket.  This is a unique shopping point located in the middle of a populated Asian location and will attract more young and decent Asians.

Supplying to this supermarket will also be easier for the Shinka Tea since the supermarket is well accessible and served with proper road network.  This will ensure that the supermarket never runs out of the milk tea from Shinka. It will also be very necessary for the company to process the drink with all the standards that would be desired by the target market. The target market being the young people, a nice aroma and sugary taste would be desirable. These factors should be considered during processing. The cost should also be considerable although this may not be a big issue as it targets the decent Asian population.

Internet and Web strategy

Having the aim of providing health drinks, Shinka tea should have adequate health information on their website that will give a clear idea to the customers on their health products. The website should also include the health benefits of the new product so that the customers can desire to give it a trial. The current website of Shinka Tea is lacking information on their future expansion plan and this plan is necessary for building trust among the customers. Customers would like to associate themselves with a   company that is doing well so that they can grow together.

Improvements need to be done on their current web page such that it can display information of a health concerned company as well as a growing company. By this, they can mention the new and upcoming products and information of their health relevance. All the above factors will help Shinka tea to acquire a competitive position in the Asian market.


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