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The costumed vigilantes in the story were outlawed. The government used the retired superheroes to fight the vigilantes. The author did not matter the kind of characters he used in the novel. He was only interested with the ability of the readers to understand what role the character played. By introducing new characters to the novel, Moore thought that the readers would not have emotional feelings if new characters died. The idea was to ensure that the readers would visualize the real murders and still have the main characters survive.

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Initially, the author thought that by featuring the main characters, the readers’ emotion would not be affected. Later, the author found it wise to introduce new characters in the story in order to introduce character familiarity with the readers. Doctor Manhattan was one of the superheroes who received support from the American government. A character like Doctor Manhattan was used to indicate that his profession enabled him to overcome the nuclear attacks. As such, the author did not wish to indicate that such a character would die. On other hand, characters like Krystalnacht, Gordian Knot, Promethean and Utopia were lately introduced in the novel and played a major role even though they would be killed.

By reading the first twelve chapters of the book, it can be found to represent the contemporary lives of the 1980s. The existence of superheroes and vigilantes created a divergence in life. On the other hand, America’s presence played some dramatic role in determining the lives of the people of Vietnam. On the contrary, the costumed vigilantes who are referred as crime fighters failed to exercise the super powers they were referred to possess with the exemption of Doctor Manhattan. Doctor Manhattan’s presence in America had challenged the Soviet Union thereby resulting to tension being created between the two states. It was not late that the superheroes popularity declined that the 1977 legislation was passed to outlaw organized groups. However, super heroes like Doctor Manhattan and the Comedian survived and acted as agents of the government. It was clear that the costumed vigilantes lacked failed due to lack of organization that led them to lose fame from the public.

In conclusion, the philosophy of the author was to have the main characters spared from death in order to have them emerge as surviving heroes. The less important characters are seen joining the superheroes but they are murdered only after a while. The superheroes ended up losing the fame from the police and the public leading them to being outlawed by the 1977 legislation. 


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