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Theresa Richards who is the coordinator of ACARN company offered a presentation on why organic matters and what does organic entail. She has been in the company for four years a period in which she got involved with many things including standing in for the former Ex. Dir. I therefore believe she is well acquainted on what she is going to present

In this paper, I am going to critically examine and scrutinize her presentation in addition to placing it. I will give my opinion on organic farming and either support or rebuke her ideas.

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Theresa started by stating that ACORN organization deals with giving directions on how to go organic, how to get the organic products, and connecting the different environs that deal with this type of farming. In addition to this, it observes national standards by organizing trade-shows, conferences, and workshops to educate the people involved. Moreover, they manipulate new technology i.e. facebook, blog, twitter, webinar, and enews to make sure everyone is updated on what is new and how to tackle the challenges present. This is therefore a non-profitable organization, which its major concern is to facilitate individuals and organizations with valuable information regionally and internationally.

I think this is an essential move since organic agriculture have immense advantages hence I commend them. Some of these advantages include a boost in production, savings in that the famers do not need a lot of pesticides and fertilizers among others. To support this Theresa shows how Alissa Smith and Jamie Mackinnon advocate for the term local as anything that an individual or organization choose to be in their book. Examples of this are co-op Atlantic, Wal-mart doubling purchase of local foods, and Hellman’s mayo. She goes ahead to state the challenges of overlooking organic foods the major one being ADHD in children. Children who consume foods with a great percentage of pesticides are at a greater risk of diagnosis. If pesticides can led to this psychological disorder, I therefore support Theresa’s claims in supporting organic farming since children with this disorder are very difficult to handle hence should be prevented.

Despite the much advantages present in organic farming, some of the challenges present involve insufficiencies of seed diversity thus overreliance on one crop type, farm dept, the cost of chemical fertilizers yet competition in the market do not consider local economy, and loss of indicators species.

She also shows how much people are supporting organic farming in the resent years among them scientists.  According to Maryse F. Bouchard, people should embrace organics more in addition to washing fruits and vegetables at all times. Furthermore, more people in the Canadian population support total natural ingredients in farming since it stands at 60percent. Only 45percent still faithfully holds to natural products. Michael Pollan who is a well-known writer in matters of nutrition also advocates that people give market experience more time. Because of this campaign, organics in Canada have doubled in 2years since it was one billion in 2006 and two billion in 2008 and she gives the statistics. He fully agrees with this since organic farming encourages biodiversity. This is where animals and other organisms are not restricted. In addition to this, organic farming encourages soil nourishment, which is a desire of every serious citizen.

Large-scale production has substituted small rural producers in developing countries e.g. china and India. 20percent of breads of Cattle, pigs, poultry, goats, and horses are currently at risk of extinction worldwide according to the report by UN Food and agriculture organization. Genetic resources are the first global overview of livestock biodiversity and capacity of countries to manage their animals’ genetic resources. She goes a head to say this is a good start for biodiversity since it entails decrease use of energy and carbon, soil health, animal welfare, and considers precautionary principles. Moreover, organic faming cuts dependence on imported foods and depends on GMOs.

In conclusion, Theresa did not touch on some of the serious effects of organic farming and a major one is clearing of trees to obtain farming space. She also failed to touch on the necessity of farmers to be aware of chemical alternatives to the products they are discouraging. Besides the process is very tine consuming. She therefore managed to communicate though I emphasizes on the importance of giving both advantages and disadvantages equal opportunity to enable a person make an informed choice. The most interesting thing that I have learnt from this presentation and I will observe keenly is that too much use of pesticides risks the children to suffer from ADHD. This is a lesson well learnt.


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