Free Prevention and Mitigation Analysis Essay Sample

Prevention is an act of ensuring that a potential hazard does not result to a predetermined risk to the targeted people. While mitigation is the act of combating completely the occurrence of such risk by ensuring, the volatile places are kept in constant vigilant removing any hazard or potential hazard elements to ensure peaceful coexistence.

White house is one of the places in the American people where they give a lot of respect as it signifies a very important aspect of their freedom and the occupant of the place are highly dignified. This is one of the places that security should be alert as it is held with high esteem all over the world. The security of this place is exposed to many challenges even after being one of the places whose security has been intensified very much. This is because it  is the only presidential residence in the world where member of the public are allowed to tour and interact with the royal family without restriction. This makes this place to be prone to any sort of insecurity from the ill-mannered citizen. In recent past, there has an incidence that has posed insecurity in the White House making the member of the public question the presidential and the White House dwellers security. These incidences prompted the government to intervene by forming committee of experts to make a report and recommend on what should be done. The incidence that ignited this mostly was that of Francisco Martin Duran.

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Francisco martin Duran attempted president murder according to the report released to the member of the public. It was around three in the evening in October 1994 when standing at the sidewalk in the south of Pennsylvania Avenue pulled a semiautomatic riffle from his coat pocket according to the report, and shot in the White House through the fence. It was established that the rifle he using was from China.

After firing twenty-nine rounds of ammunition he ran away shooting after realizing that he was being seized by a uniformed officer from Secret Service Uniformed Division. Ashe was running from west to east towards Fifteenth Street, he halted to reload his gun when a tourist Rakosky pounced on him and subdue him. He tackled him until the police arrived. Jerome Kenneth Again who was touring the place had taken a video tape of the whole incidence and provided the intelligent department with the tape of what happened.

Response towards the Incidence

According to Advisory Committee 1994, the response toward was spontaneous as the police from the Uniformed Division responded just in time. They had prepared shoot on Duran as they had directed their gun towards him. On the seizure of Rakosky, they drew back their gun as they appeared in the scene. The officer on duty had seized also Duran as came towards him with only trees to hide to avoid from being shot. After Duran was apprehended by the citizen, he climbed over the fence to the scene. The security as usual was at high alert as there were a couple of officers who were patrolling the place and came for rescue. An example of them is the sergeant of the Emergency Response Team among others.

Step taken to arrest the situation

The officers arrested Duran and let the public to get away from the place. Afterwards, he was taken to a Secret Service holding area where he was first searched to establish what he carried. A note was recovered that was handwritten directing the police on the place where he had parked his vehicle and identified himself and his wife. Then a more intensive investigation was done and found that he had no other criminal record. However, her wife had report his disappearance and the said that he had altered his death in assault that he was to be involved in. this reported was given to the Federal Bureau Investigation by his wife. The act of Duran saw him behind bars for forty years.

Other incidences followed at December 1994. One of them that were reported was the one that involved shooting at Executive Residence. This was done using a handgun fro an unknown point. Such incidences accelerated the need to come up with recommendation on how to protect and mitigate them. This was in accordance of maintaining the place safe as the public access it.

Recommendation on how to protect and mitigate such incidences

The most problem that caused such series of incidences was brought due to the White House being easily accessed by public. This traditionally has been maintained and would be hard to let the place be out of bound. With that in consideration, the place required a more intensified security system that could monitor a wide area using appropriate technology. Such technology should be in a position to sense explosives and gun even at the remotest part of their disposal. There must also be a rule that within a certain range, which is beyond effective distance that a gun can shoot, being in possession of a gun or any explosive is prohibited. They should also uphold forensic science in determination of any hazard that might result to a risk in and around the White House.

The next thing that has caused misunderstanding in the security personnel is the number of agency that keeps the security in the area. They are very many each with different management. Thus, there have seemingly a lot of bureaucracy that causes hitches in the way they communicate during the time they respond to emergency. For example, a person was able to fire four rounds of ammunition without the security able to establishing the direction he was. There should be less bureaucracy no matter how many agencies are involved in offering the security. All the security on duty should be able to communicate to each other at time of danger effectively.

The place should be out of bound for the traffic either air or road traffic. There must be a rule that should enact this as most of the criminals use vehicles and planes to execute their motive. There should be a technology put in place to arrest such incidences through traffic by sensing them in a distance before they get to the vicinity. The security guarding the place should be well equipped clad with the right attire which are bullet and explosive resistant. This is to prevent them from being prone to danger that they are exposed to while carrying their duty. This is cited where an officer on duty was shield himself with tree on pursuit of Duran to avoid being shot.

The White House perimeter wall should have more security gate that can help the security in and outside the compound can access in and outside the compound with ease depending on where security assistance is required. An officer in the compound is made to jump over the fence to apprehend a criminal oblivious of the risk involved in doing so. Was there a security gate that is operated automatically from an emergency control room, his service could have more effective and the risk involved in jumping of the fence would have been eliminated.

To ensure that the security of the place is secured from aerial attacks, the law should be put in place for the security firm to work together with the airport authority to ensure that airplanes in the country are controlled. They should also ensure that there are no planes flying at certain range around the White House vicinity without the authority of the stakeholder.


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