Free Problems Associated with Homeland Security Essay Sample

Homeland security was formed in response to congress which created the department of homeland security.  This was a cabinet which united 22 departments and agencies with almost 20000 employees by the federal government. Through coordination and communication, domestic security was enhanced as its aim.

Having all its departments being under one roof, this has brought more problems than what itself can solve. Having a new administration taking control, Homeland security should be in a position to sufficiently prevent any future terrorists attack and mitigate the results of any kind of natural disaster.

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The board of Homeland Security is associated with most of the problems faced with the system.The boards have got a very harsh mandate. The board’s list fail to comprise the directors, secretaries, or any other undersecretaries housed in their department. It also fails to take into account other external departments which it has to coordinate with. For example it fails to coordinate with CIA, FBI, and DEA among other department, which they are supposed to coordinate with in order to bring enough security as a team.

Lack of this coordination has led into intra and inters agency conflict. For example homeland and FBI are mostly concerned with the gathering intelligence and sharing it with the law enforcers. If at any particular time this coordination fails, or any of the department thinks of carrying out their tasks independently, conflict must occur.

At times the responsibilities of these different agencies may look same. For example Homeland Security and the Security Agency are both involved in the military cyber security. This collision of responsibilities brings in confusion in the duty performance. Conflicts may arise when they fail to encourage each other in their findings.

Homeland security is supposed to respond to any emergency security alarm which may arise. Despite of the department having used a lot of finances, it has failed to be always prepared, in responding to these emergency services. It has also been found that they receive funding without clear verification of the services which they want to undertake. These are some of the problems associated with homeland security in their provision of their services to the citizens.


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