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Martin Luther King and St. Thomas Aquinas theories played a crucial role in revolutionizing the education system in the world and as such we shall take a look at their specific impact on education.

Aquinas being a member of the Catholic Church came up with his theory from his own belief that God created the world and was omnipotent, omniscient and omnificent. Aquinas thought and believed that before God created anything, he had a model or rather a sample of the universe which he created according to the model that he had in his mind. However it is argued that the universe is not like God's ideal model. This due to the difference that exists between God's model and the real world is intolerable. It is intolerable because God is omniscient and only what he likes or desire is right hence everything works according to Gods ideal which is the end of the universe. Therefore, it goes without say that Gods ideal is the rule of everything in the universe which in actual sense is the eternal law. It is argued that it is law, because it is a rule because it was made by the ruler who is God and is only known to us more or less by reflection the natural law. In addition, it is the measure of things that ordains every single thing towards a common good.

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According to Aquinas's theory, natural law is actually a reflection of eternal law. He describes two ways in which something may be known in its effect and in itself. He goes on to write that no one can know the eternal law as it is in itself except God and those who are blessed to see him in his essence. It is therefore mandatory that we know it through the effects of natural law as it applies to everything.

Martin Luther King on the other hand disobeys the segregation ordinances. Therefore, we first must examine the justice of segregation ordinances as described by Luther King. One of them is the segregation ordinance that is ordained to the common good. King argues that segregation ordinance separated the black people from the society. It is in conflict with the definition of segregation which states that no part can have a proper quality when it is isolated from the whole society. In addition, African Americans were treated and separated as the inferior people within the society.

In my opinion, I strongly believe that the society is equal and in no way should someone be looked down upon. I tend to think that both King and Aquinas were reading from the same script that the law treats everyone equally and thus the society should follow his example. My belief is that God created as all equal in his own image thus we should not look down upon other people as it is ungodly. I believe that God is the creator of the universe and has control over it. The similarities that exist between my belief and the beliefs of King and Aquinas is that we both believe in a super power God who happens to be the creator. In addition, we both believe that we are all equal and should be treated equally without being looked down upon.

These theories together with my beliefs helped me and the education system at large. It helped me not to look down upon other people who come from different communities and societies, plus it helped to have faith in God knowing that he is the creator and has all the powers and control over the universe. This has gone a long way in ensuring that there is no discrimination in the learning institutions among students and the staff at large.

Aquinas and Dr. Kings theories have played a major role in the development and establishment of education systems. There theories have lead to the belief of a superior being who is the highest, omnipotent, omniscient and omnificent. In addition, they have led to equal treatment among students and everyone within the society which promotes a healthy social society.


It is very clear that obeying a law that is in contradiction with the divine good itself is in essence encouraging the disobedience of the holy god's law. Therefore, it is common knowledge that Dr. King should encourage people to disobey segregation ordinance at all cost since it is morally wrong in the society.


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