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Qualitative approach deals with how people interpret their experiences while Quantitative approaches test hypothesis and identify the numerical differences. Both approaches compliment each other. This study assesses the use and application of the qualitative and quantitative approaches and the incorporation of both methods as used in the mixed research approaches.

Qualitative questions to assess an organizations stability and future in relation to communication strategies and motivation to work.

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  • What are the decision making processes in this organization
  1. a Who makes the decision
  2. How are they implemented
  3. What are the strengths of the current decision making processes
  4. How can it be improved
  5. What are the major obstacles impeding the organizations growth as a result of the decision making processes?
  • Accountability creates an undesirable commitment atmosphere among workers
  1. Strongly agree
  2. gree
  3. Disagree
  4. Strongly disagree

Qualitative analyses to assess the variability’s in age and gender affect or influence the quality of services provided.

  • What is the average age of clients who access the services?
  • What is your view about the type and quality of services provided?
  • What is the relationship between the gender and age of participants?
  • What is the relationship between the type and quality of services given and the outcome variables?

Mixed methods imply collecting and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data in consecutive phases within a study. Mixed method is a strong internal validity, which can parallel non equivalent designs in terms of validity. The results might be as a result of combined factors and effects for instance better follow up programs, which is not exactly, related the target. Adding quantitative information to the qualitative information is a good strategy to overcoming many project problems. In mixed methods approach, triangulation tests the steadiness of findings obtained through different channels. Other methods include complimentary approach, development approaches, and initiation and expansion policies.

Two phased sequential mixed methods approach questions

Past surveys indicate slowed down progress in the implementation phase of the project. The management has been blamed for this and they in turn blame the donors for delayed funding. The empirical data shows that the two factors are interrelated. What is the role of the participant in influencing the growth of the project?

According to statistics the organizations recognition has increased. Negative and positive factors might have influenced the outcome of these results. What is the effectiveness of the periodic pilot programs carried out by the implementers and how does this reputation affect the organizations growth?

Dependent and independent variables are used to distinguish between two types of quantities separating them into those available at the initial period and are later dependent on the pioneers’ variables. The researcher should determine which variables to assess as dependent or independent. The first step is to determine if a mixed method is needed in your study problem. To determine which method is most effective, careful review is vital to asses the purpose of the evaluation. Select the most effective method, which should be cost effective in the entire evaluation period. Sometimes one method is not as effective and t may need to be incorporated with one or two others to realize the target. Select complementary method/s that will cover the different aspects of the evaluation hypothesis. This helps to enrich and interpret findings.

Qualitative researches use different approaches to collect data. It is subjective and uses the Participant observation, taking of field notes, structured interviews, unstructured interviews, and at times the non-participant observation view. The quantitative and qualitative research is usually presented as polarized and distinct choices in research methodology. Quantitative research is objective. A qualitative approach goes deep into the problem phenomena while the quantitative approach studies the influencing outcomes. A Non Governmental Organization that educates its clients on value addition strategies intends to generate some ideas for a new product and at the same time study the habits and preferences of its potential clients. They will use the qualitative analyses to assess if the completed new designs are economically viable and quantitative analyses to assess if they are feasible in the long run. They will assess the acceptance of the new products in the market and the availability of affordable raw materials that will sustain the project. Qualitative research is frequently regarded as a pioneer to quantitative research; it is used to generate likely ideas and leads that formulate testable hypothesis. These hypotheses can be tested and analyzed mathematically.

The purpose of two phased sequential mixed methods approach is to explore the participant’s views and using those views to develop and test a hypothesis. The assessor explores the qualitative phenomena in this case it will be the relationship between the age, gender and the goods and services produced. The findings are developed into instruments to formulate research questions that compare with the independent and dependent variables. For instance, the population size being the independent variable and the dependent variable the quality of goods or services produced.

When using the mixed methods analyses the assessor should decide on who should be interviewed and what types of data should be collected. The type of data used should be interpretable to realize the intended results. Graphical models and charts are effective in defining the utilized to make out the information given. The data analyses methods should be agreeable, should be easy to formulate, and interpreted. Finally, a plan should be evaluated. In the plan, there should be a clear link between the relating factors and a strategy is drawn to address the findings.


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