Free Restructuring Needed at Western Union Essay Sample

Restructuring was much desired at Western Union in order to unify the company's United Sates operations with its international region. This was by creating a new culture whereby product lines is pushed to the regional levels. This will enable the regional leaders to take full responsibility within their own regions and allow Western Union to move towards a decentralized plan. In addition, new products would be customized and developed under a regional structure.

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Most important design changes and what will be their impact on the organization

The most important change in the organization is decentralization at the regional level. Some of the team members believed that this would enable Western Union to get closer to its regional customers and agents. This would allow for faster response periods and improved, customized service.  

Difficulties that can be expected as a result of the changes and what should management do to minimize the negative consequences

The main challenge expected as a result of changes was meeting resistance from some management team. To minimize the negative consequences, Gold had to first convince the First Data decision-making team and then First Data team of directors. Another change constraint is the change implementation cost that was estimated at US$4 million. Another issue is defining of responsibility. Who would be in charge of development of new products? In addition, who would be accountable of the profit and loss in the organization? They had to decide whether the profit and loss accountability should be with the regional heads or whether it should be at corridors.

The new organization in terms of strategy, structure, and systems

In the early stages of Western Union's international venture, Gold and her decision-making team had come up with six strategies. This included developing an international brand and an expansive global network distribution. The team had plans to enlarge adjacent markets for instance and Prepaid services. In order to sustain the business, the concerned team had to create room for nurturing future business executives within the organization. Enhancing productivity was also one of the teams' main strategies. Lastly, the executive team worked on executing on service excellence.

Gold and her leadership abilities

Gold has all the characteristics of a good leader in that she has time for everyone, and she is accessible despite her grinding schedule. Gold is a good listener that is a significant quality of a good leader in business. She is able to give feedback and ideas on matters of progress and listens candidly to other views. In order to lead firmly, she sets very high standards and upholds them.


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