Free Rosa Parks Story Essay Sample

The Rosa Parks story is a television movie that was aired in America in 2002. This movie, written by Qualles and broadcasted by CBS, is a typical human rights activist piece of art. The illustration of the discriminations of the blacks in America is quite audible. The director delivers a message of white and black segregation in the American society in a manner that is easy to understand. The discrimination is quite intense that the black and white groups can scarcely share a common social or public amenity. This movie further shows how the blacks, under the leadership of Rosa Parks, struggled to free themselves from such discriminations. Some of the human rights activists end up paying dearly for their decisions to oppose the segregation. The great sacrifice of these brave activists is finally paid when the court delivers a ruling that nullifies the black and white segregation.

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The Rosa Parks story is an excellent movie that exposes the events during the segregation period in America. It is easy to follow and understand. The scenes of the movie also flow and overlap into one another. I like this movie and would recommend it for a civil rights class. Civil rights groups always get formed in order to oppose any discrimination in the society. Such groups have always been witnessed throughout the world. They always rise to oppose discriminations in religion, labor and governance among others. Many improvements have always been realized as a result of the activities of the civil rights groups.

This movie ends when the judge delivers a ruling that declared the unconstitutionality of bus segregation. In the earlier days, the blacks always had their specific sitting zones in buses. Secretion is also common in public amenities like libraries and cinema halls. The movie director also illustrates some extent of discrimination in the labor market. The blacks will never get any white color jobs due to job discrimination. The use of Rosa Parks in this movie is quite excellent. This lady was a onetime civil rights activist in America. I highly recommend this movie. 


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