Free Safe Mint UK Ltd and Docklands Solutions Ltd Essay Sample

This essay focuses on the analysis how Safe Mint UK Ltd and Docklands Solutions Ltd. (DSL) differ in their way of operation and the way the two are managed. It considers the following factors; teamwork and team working, organizational design structure and the organizational culture.
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Safe mint UK ltd has a hierarchical management system, where starts from board of directors to a smaller worker in the company, and is very much distinct, as all decision-making process is top down, where by the person at the top is the one having the final word in every thing. Inside the company, there is no teamwork though outside, it is practicing team working as it has some agreement with around 30 terminals. There is no teamwork because; the management and employees talk less, this has lead to numerous strikes in the company, and high rate of absenteeism of employees within and without, communication breakdown exists. As for instance, Ms. Shilling is on leave, there is no way she can be conducted. The market lacks market culture that increases competitiveness and productivity, this because, they are not faster in utilizing websites to identify business edge, also because, the company is continuously being affected by competition.

On the other hand, DSL, has a corporate management system, where by everybody's ideas and opinions are highly welcomed. Both employees and management work hand in hand to ensure attainment of company objectives. Employer interacts much with managers to e level of even going to watch a football match. The company has a high degree of team working to an extent of sponsoring its clients to a trip. The company has made use of information technology to enhance communication within and without the company.

The management has provided a very cool environment at work place, hence workers fill highly motivated and ready to work for the company. The company has engaged in social corporate activities by funding some schools, as a give back to the community. The company has adhocracy culture that enhances innovation and clan culture, and clan culture that makes a company work like a family, though everybody knows that they have to deliver. In conclusion, the two companies differ much on how they function, and in the manner in which their employees experience their work.


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