Free Sam Houstons Life Essay Sample

Sam Houston was the son of major Houston and Elizabeth Paxton. He grew up on the Tennessee frontier in the 1790s and early 1800s. He was a restless youth and as a child, he hated school but loved reading especially adventures stories. Actually he hated school to the extent that he received only about a year and a half of formal education.

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When he was fourteen years old, his father died. He and his brothers had to relocate with their mother and started farming. Houston found farming boring and did little to help his brothers. His brothers often scolded him for being lazy around the house. Since Houston was not helping his brothers with the farm, the family arranged for him to work as a clerk in a store when he turned sixteen. Deciding he had enough of his brothers bossing him around, and having found nether school nr clerking to his liking, Houston escaped across a river into a land inhabited by native Americans of the Cherokee nation. He was adopted by a chief named Ooluteka who gave him the name "the raven". Houston spent the next three years living with the Cherokees, learned the Cherokee language and customs and developed what would be a lifelong respect for them and concern for their welfare. It was an experience he would remember fondly.

Incidents: The most important incidents are his living with the Cherokees, joining the army where he became a general, meeting with Andrew Johnson who was the president in his time.

Character traits:

He is determined. This was evident when he decided to open a school and become a school teacher when everybody was laughing at him and expecting him not to make it. By managing to do this shows that he was very determined.

He is caring. This is evident when he decided that to avoid bloodshed; he refused an offer of a Union army to put down the confederate rebellion. Instead he relined to Huntsville, Texas.

Houston was a firm man. This trait was very evident when in 1867, when Texas seceded from the United States. With him as the governor back then, he refused to go along with it and the Texas confederates declared his office vacant


His actions that stand out him serving as an observer to the political turmoil in Texas and later accepting command of the army and leading the army to victory in the battle of San Jacinto. He also never hesitated to oppose mass opinion so long as there was a chance it to his way of thinking. Sam Houston played an important role in the development of the southwest.

The relationship between Sam Houston and Andrew Jackson

Sam Houston and Andrew Jackson met when Houston joined the army and the service with Andrew Jackson in the red stick war made him hero. Houston had been assigned to serve under General Andrew in until 1845. They after that became very good friends. The two discussed many issues and plans including the role of Texas in the future of America. Back then Jackson later became the 7th president of the United States. Jackson hugely admired and respected Houston for his courage and ability and the two were strong friends until he died

Sam Houston's thoughts and actions concerning secession

Sam Houston was a man who stuck to his decisions many of which were questioned by many. For example his thought of opening a school and many laughed at him deciding to be a school teacher. His thoughts concerning secession were that to secede from the union and set up another government would cause war. He added that if they were to go to war with the United States you will never conquer her. He believed in the doctrine of state rights and the north is determined to preserve this union. He was in the thought that when people begin moving in a given direction, they should move with a steady momentum and perseverance is important. In short Sam Houston's biography aids in understanding the growth of the United States and the possibilities and limitations involved.


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