Free Saxonville Sausage Company Essay Sample

There is consensus that brands succeed because they are positioned to capitalize on their unique characteristics which, in one or more aspects, their rivals find hard to emulate and hence their competitive advantages. This competitive advantage gives it a basis for outperforming competitors because of the value that firms are able to present to the customers. Despite having a strong capital base and a large presence, the basic situation at Saxonville Sausage is below average. This is more so when it is viewed from the fact that the sales volumes in its branded products such as bratwurst, breakfast sausage and vivio have remained flat for a period of two years. The problem of stagnant sales volumes has also been compounded by the fact that little or no growth is expected in the short term.  The ranking of the Saxonville in position six out of eight after performing a double digit decline in revenue indicates a slow down trend in business.

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In the analysis of the case study materials, the methodology of research was determined on basis of its capacity to provide a systematic and organized series of steps that insures maximum objectivity and consistency in researching a problem. This also included its ability to provide shared basis of analysis and helps to promote reliability and validity (accuracy and consistency) on linking it's the products of Saxonville to the core values of their target customers.

The research highlighted a number of facts on the perceptions and demographics of the target customers, the position of Saxonville products in the Italian market and the loop holes that the company could exploit to increase its revenues from sales of its products. In addition to the above, the values held dear by the customers with family connections and clever cooking emerging at the top of the table on the values and attributes held dear by Saxonville's target customers. The key findings with regard to women's "ideals" of family life indicated that very high percentage of women valued family connections and clever cooking as the most important aspects of a fun filled family set-up. These were revealed as the core attributes that are revered by a woman as performing a good job and being a successful homemaker.

On the basis of the analysis of the research results presented by Banks and her team, I would recommend a positioning strategy that would encapsulate the development and maintenance of sustained value added attributes to be derived from the brands. These would revolve on the core beliefs, attitudes and key customer values held dear by target customers.

In the understanding of the fact that brands succeed because they are positioned to capitalize on the unique values and characteristics that computers may find hard to emulate, the positing strategy of Saxonville, the tactics that should accompany the launch of the aggressive marketing strategy must emphasize on the key positive attribute is the relevance of the brands. In strong brands, brand equity is tied both to the actual quality of the product or service and to the various intangible factors. These attributes may encompass the user imagery, the type of personality the brand portrays, the feeling the brand tries to elicit in customers and the type of relationship it seeks to build in its customers. This must also involve the appreciation of the totality of all these brand images including such elements as the different perceptions, believes, attitudes, and behaviours customers associate with the brands whether created intentionally by the company or not. In conclusion, when an organization is confident about the customers likes and dislikes as well as the core attributes and associations that are interlinked with the brand, a well grounded framework can be ascertained as regards whether any given action will dovetail nicely with the brand or will result in conflicts.


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