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The 'share our strength' website is located in Washington Dc. It is a website that was initiated to help alleviate hunger and poverty majorly in the United States but later expanded to offer its services to the whole world. This paper analyses the rhetorical principles of the 'share our strength' website.
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What is the website doing to alleviate hunger? Has it been the best way?

One of the main principles of the share our strength website was to help alleviate hunger for most of the children that suffer with starvation in America. The website planned to do this by finding donations from well wishers. Although this was to help the children, it was not realistic. The website had a plan to alleviate hunger for almost seventeen million kids in the wide American country in five years time. When the website started, it did not have enough funds to embark on a serious engagement like that. Although it was a good idea,   the plan was very ambitious because it depended on the donor's philanthropy to make it a success (share our strength).

Another principle of the share our strength as the name suggests was to find togetherness with various groups and organizations to achieve its main goal. The main goal here was to provide families in America with an access to affordable and healthy food. It aimed to do this by getting groups, organizations and individuals to donate so that its main purpose can be a success. This was a very good plan for the website but sometimes it is very challenging. Depending on donations is not very reliable because groups can donate and cut down their donations at any time they wish. Thus the working of the website can be interfered if donors do not agree with them (share our strength).

The 'share our strength' website aimed at educating people in America of how children suffer with hunger, what causes hunger, the effects and how it could be managed. It offered its educative program on the website. Perhaps the principle of offering education to people was a strategy for attracting donors but the fact is, it helped those who had time to look at the information get an idea about the consequences of a family's poverty in the united states of America. The information on the website about the problem of hunger facing children is not enough.

The website seems to be a profit making organization instead of a charity. How the money is utilized is not provided to the public in an open way making many people to doubt its worth. The website organizes for a national week long event that features restaurants of every type and class in September in order to raise funds for its initiatives. Through this, it is able to attract customers to the event who in turn come to buy food during that week long event and in a way contribute funds for its operations.

Another principle of the share our strength website was to ensure that it maintains a good picture to the media for them to be able to earn trust from donors and increase its donations. This indeed worked for the website because over the years it has managed to maintain a clean sheet of its records and this has enabled it to develop because it has attracted many donations from well wishers. The website has made it easy for people to know how to get involved it its programs by customizing their website so that it is clear for anyone to see and know what to do if they want to donate. This has helped the website in reaching its goals (share our strength).

No matter how the website is of help in reducing hunger and suffering for the children it is not the best way. Provision of food to children and their families is a short-term and irrelevant way of solving the problem. The website and its administrators could empower the families of the children to be able to provide for themselves by helping them start projects that would help them earn some money to provide for their food and other basic needs. This would have in turn solved the poverty problem and solve the issue of hunger.


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