Free Starbucks and Seattles Best case Analysis Essay Sample

Starbucks firm

Starbucks firm was established in 1971 by Seattle entrepreneurs who had a passion for coffee. The prime product of starbucks firm was selling of whole bean coffee in their stores.  As a firm in business, starbucks had established its goals and included, environmental conservation, being socially responsible and furthermore purchasing most of its products from the host communities. The firm referred all these goals as shared planet. Further, starbucks had a goal of providing loans to the farmers so as to enable them produce better raw materials. From the virtue of environmental conservation, the firm looked forward to using materials that can be recycled. Starbucks Company further educated the farmers on the negative effects of deforestation. Their goal of environmental conservation began with the pilot programs in Indonesia and Mexico, just to mention a few.

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Starbucks had its long term objectives which included profit maximization, dominating in the market share and most of it all keeping loyalty to its customers. The firm wanted to raise its profit margin from 11.5% to approximately 15% annually over the next decade. In order to be in business, the firm had to device ways so as to become the most preferred coffee house amongst the youths. From the aspect of loyalty, it is important that the company becomes loyal to customers, since it is the customers who keep them in their day to day business.

In order to accomplish all these goals and objectives, the firm had to increase its annual sales and further improve on customer loyalty as its core strategies of success.

Seattle's Best Coffee

Seattle's best coffee was established in 1970, and has been roasting coffee since that time. Its major goal was to dominate the market share and supply its processed products to over 30000 places. Further, the firm's management wanted to make consumers happy by processing quality products that will allow them enjoy the consumption of it. Currently, coffee processed by this firm is available in many cafes, restaurants, hotels, airlines among other places.

Its objective included profit maximization just as the starbucks. In addition, the firm wanted to accelerate its growth and reach many customers across all continents. From the aspect of laying its strategy, Seattle's best coffee eyed for the absolute revitalization of their old brand and managing the business in a new direction that will bring great performance in the annual sales.


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