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Cities, just like people, have different personalities depending on what they provide to the people who live there or those who visit them. The condition the city provides to its residents defines its personality. A city is a collection of buildings and lives, and has personality and identity. There are different types of cities, for instance, the good cities that welcome people, care about them and make the residents comfortable and pleased when they live in them. Someofthepersonalities that strong for the well being of its people are the economic stability of the city, a city that does not discriminate people on the basis of their color or race and peaceful coexistence of the people. There are also those cities that ignore its people and have places that are unhealthy to the people. These are cities that make its residents desire to live somewhere else where the environment is peaceful and healthy.

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Things that permit the strongest personality of a city are the aspects that make its residents pleased and comfortable. One of these aspects is Education, which is the key to development and economic growth of any city. Literacy levels must be enhanced in order to record the development. Literacy is the driver of the economic growth. This is due to the fact that literate individuals are in a position to coordinate variables so as to ensure that they benefit from the endowed resources within their city. This ensures that there is no conflict among the people in the city over the resources. This is one of the urban problems that khan and polo discusses in the novel Invisible Cities. They remind people of the disturbing effects that conflict can cause to the peaceful existence of the people in the city.

The other aspect that defines the strength of city’s personality is the elimination of discrimination on the basis of the cultural background. This is whereby one is judged from his or her complexion and the fact that one is a black man. This is largely founded on the racism that is existent in society. The end of the discrimination ensures that the society is fair in its dealings with each person. Italsoeliminatesthe possibilities of discrimination on the basis of cultural background. The author of the book Invisible Man seeks to pass on the message of equality to his readers. His work is beneficial to all the individuals in the African American society.

In his work the author has explored the theme of racism. The narrator of Invisible man is a black man living in an American society which was racist. As the narrator moves from the Liberty Paint Plant to the Brotherhood communities, each community has its own idea about how black people should carry themselves in the society. This limits the narrator from fully expressing himself because of his complexion and conforming to the expected behavior imposed on him. The narrator of the book is invisible since he is powerless among the whites and he is unable to help himself when Dr. Bledsoe lied about him. Though the narrator wants to complain about the dishonesty, he has nothing to do since he has no authority; hence he does not exist since he is a black. When the narrator arrived in New York he joined the Liberty Paint Plant which succeeded by undermining the power of blackness in serving a white man. The White people depended greatly on the workforce of the black people, but the factory did not recognize them at the presentation of the product.He then joins the brotherhood where the members want to use him as a token black man in their project.

The narrator’s grandfather elaborates that in order for the black community to shun racism they should intensify on serving the whites. Dr. Bledsoe of the narrator’s college thinks that blacks can be successful by working very hard and adopting the lifestyle of the white people. Ras the Exhorter considers that blacks ought to use violence to achieve freedom from the whites. Bledsoe and Ras limit themselves by confining themselves to these stereotypes instead of discovering their individual identities like the narrator tries to do in the book, these men find it offensive for anyone in the black community to behave contrary to the outlined way that black Americans should live.

Theotherstrongpersonality of a city is the peaceful coexistence in a society. There must be a leader who enforces the rules in the moral order. Leadership and management may appear to have the same meaning, but this is not the case. For effective management, one requires leadership skills in order to gain confidence and trust from the people requiring management. As the proverb goes, “unity is strength”, the same applies to people working together in achieving the same goal. Inthatcase, leadership or management requires critical thinking and wise decision-making in order to preventinequality among people in the city since this will not deny a peaceful life for the discriminated people.

This is portrayed in the novel Invisible Man whereby the author uses the Liberty Paints as an indication of metaphor for the American society as a race. The author uses this symbol to expound more on the significance of color. The people in the factory are found to be boasting about their white paints as compared to the dark paints. This is an indication of the impacts of color and the various existing races at the time. This is an indication of how superior the American people felt in comparison to the Blacks(Ellison 32).

Strong personality of a city is also defined by its industrialization. This is the growth and developments in industries that contribute to the growth of the economy. Industrializationisoneof the factors that led to development of urban centre, since people were migrating to areas where there are job opportunities. The world we live in is changing at an alarming rate and as result new discoveries have been made over the years.  These new discoveries have been aided by the availability of better learning facilities and equipment. These were not available in the early days. As scientists continue to discover and invent new equipment, the world is adapting them and incorporating them in the societies. As a result, the world we are living in is heavily dependent on inventions and machines to carry out tasks. Moreover, as a result of the advanced technology, people are getting more intelligent hence; they are able carry out more researches of their own as well as make their own new inventions.

With a stable economy, the city will be able to provide its residents with enough resources, which implies there will be no conflicts over resources. Additionally, the growth and developments in industries means that there are many job opportunities that are in existent within the city. With the advancededucation in the city,it gives assurance to the students enrolling in these academic institutions of the availability of employment opportunities upon completion of their studies. Also, the city is renowned for the expanded industrial sector. This means that the individuals who would enroll in the institutions would be of great benefit to the city at large.

The strong personality of a city is also defined by its morality and ethics. This is mainly the decency of the city and how it employs aversion theory to prevent immoral behavior. Morality in the city helps keep security among its residents. Cases, such as theft, discrimination, rape, oppression by the government are easily prevented with morality and ethics of the city. The novel A Clockwork Orange is a good example of a situation where immorality, which is portrayed by the government, causes suffering among the people. The government is evil and systematically suppresses its people in favor of the state.

In the novel, Alex is a teenager who behaves as a good member by choice. He involuntarily offers his goodness and this makes him clockwork orange of his society. He is good on the outside but bad in the inside. Alex leads the population against the current government and Alexander, a minister, fears that the stability of the government would be destroyed. Alex recruits young people into police in order to fight the government. The immorality of Alex is portrayed in the society whereby he engages in violence, which threatens the peaceful life of the people.

Immorality, such as sexual acts is also portrayed in the novel. Alex, a young teenager wakes up from a come and finds a doctors and a nurse having sexual relations. Immorality makes the young generation engage in similar behavior, which is not moral in the future since it will shape their life negatively. Therefore, a strong personality of a city is defined when there is no immorality in order to shape the behavior of the future generation to prevent similar mistakes in future.   

In conclusion, it is evident that the strong personality of the city dictates the well being of its residents. Stable economy, educated people morality and lack of discrimination in the city, makes it a good place for its entire people. Additionally, residents will desire to live in the city because of its peaceful and healthy environment.


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