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Security in the working places and our homes is considered a basic commodity and we cannot take chances concerning our security. In our society today, there are increased cases of crimes that are always reported, we need to take serious actions against the offenders so as to secure our society and country at large. Security does not only rest on protecting human lives but also structures and other assets owned by people in the community. To win people's trust as a top security agent there need to be improved service delivery, effective and efficient coordination of programs.
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As a professional in the training department of the super safe security organization I will first collect relevant information of the center and carry out  market  analysis to enable me know exactly what are the security threats of the center after which training and recruitment starts to ensure that I achieve the organization's goals and objectives.  The employees should be well equipped with certain core values and made aware of our mission and vision. We cannot allow risks and therefore the training is a must for every recruit. During the training, the employees first need to attend classes on basic safety measures this is because you can't protect the client when you have no skills in protecting yourself first. Information infrastructures are key to quality service delivery, therefore there is need to pass relevant information to all the trainers and instill a sense of togetherness to them. They need to support each other so that whenever something is suspicious in their place of work they can communicate easily and act accordingly.

For a well established organization there need to be a well laid down rules and regulations. Creation of policies is a must in management of security issues and this will be my concern. Strict laws need to be enforced to the entire organization so that there is clear cooperation in administering duties of the company. The employees need to be retained in the organization for many years so as to boost reliability and gain trust otherwise no company will think of hiring your security workers. The policies should strengthens the organization's relationship with other companies and ensure that the workers are loyal at all the time. That is they must keep secrets since exposing matters of intelligence is a security threat not only to the center but also to the nation.

The current trend on security matters calls for more involving and technologically advanced methods of training so as to eliminate risks and promote effectiveness of the employees at the work place. I will equip them with modern technology and teach them on how to use various gadgets on detecting weapons hidden in the body. When dispatching duties, I will ensure that the right person does the right thing. This is done by conducting regular test and valuation to determine the capability of each individual and give them rewards as per their duties. This will encourage positive competition and thus efficiency in administering their duties. Since I will not be with them in their place of work I will elect a few to be in charge of the rest and the leaders will be given full responsibility so that incase of anything they are able to make quick decisions and handle the situation with care. This division of force ensures sustainability and promotes the centers general image.

The budget allocated to this department should be sufficient in that any deficit will spell doom. To ensure that workers don't take bribes and allow suspects to pass the entrance with weapons and other metals, they should be well paid and given incentives. This will be possible if they is enough funds. I will liaise with the administration so that they source more funds to this department so as to enable workers to work effectively. The detectors given to them should always be checked and serviced regularly to avoid false detection and raising tension.

Training and creating awareness at the work place should always be encouraged and it has to be a continuous process in the organization. Effective and efficient security personnel promote the international image of an organization especially in this era of socio-cultural diversity. Everyone should be vigilant of his/her environment hence eliminating human errors and promoting peaceful co-existence.


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