Free Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis Essay Sample

The program we are going to take a look at is THE COSBY SHOW. The COSBY SHOW is a comedy and drama show that aired in the 1960s and the 1970s. It is a program that basically looks at the life of Cosby with little creative ideas here and there. Cosby lives in New York and is an obstetrician by profession. He lives with his wife and their four children. It is about two parents who are struggling to give their children the best they deserve in life. The social theme that the Cosby show is trying to portray is that of racism. During the time this show was going on air, there was a lot of racism going on in the United States and the show tried to address this issue without being discriminating. It was presented in such a way that the members of the audience felt good at the end of the show. The show also looks at the family values and so many other things that are currently missing in the society and lives today.

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Scene analysis

One of the characters called Denise called and announced that she is pregnant. Kenny tried his level best and managed to get the last three tickets that were left because the Huxtables were supposed to get all their guests to the graduation. Vanessa is confused and is calling everyone honeys. Cliff is seen thinking when the ceremony begins and is taken back to a time when he dreaded that Theo would never to make it to his potential. Cliff is rather upset because he expected that the graduates would be called to the stage but instead they graduate by sections. The scene ends with Cliff and Clair sharing a dance because everyone else is out of the house. This was such a memorable episode because it caught many people’s attention.

Body language

In this show, body language, signs and symbols have effectively been used. Cosby in his acts used this forms of non verbal communication so well that the audience could easily understand what is going on. He uses signs such as nodding the head which is a sign of acceptance or denial of an idea; waving of hands which indicates goodbye; putting of a finger across one’s lips to tell someone to keep quiet, winking when he wanted to say something to somebody without the other party knowing what is going on or after giving the explanation for proper interpretation. It is an excellent show that makes one glued to the screen because of the way he talks and his facial expressions and the way he moves. The way the characters are dressed is superb. We see Denise dressed in modern clothes and the parents are not complaining at all. Cliff and Claire are also dressed in decent clothes that portray them as decent and mature people.

The non-verbal communication skills employed by the actors in this show such as winking of the eye and raising of the shoulders cement the humorous effect of the show on the audience no matter the race. This lead to more acceptances of the blacks by the whites as equals hence reducing the racial barrier existing.

The Cosby Show had a positive impact to both races in the United States this was due to the symbolism employed in the show. Cosby himself as an obstetrician is portrayed as learned, this, basically washes away the notion of many white extremist who say that blacks are daft. The setting of the show and the dressing of the actors introduces most Americans to the traditional ‘black’ cultural values, customs and social norms. This also symbolises affluence as we see the actors dressed in modern clothes.

In conclusion, the Cosby show is an excellent show that portrays the troubles parents go through in the process of raising their children. Cosby combines signs, symbols and body language in such a way that they are concurrent and pass across a specific message. The audience is left with no choice but to stay put and watch the play because it is both comedy and drama.  The media coverage and commercial success of the show implies acceptance by the general public.


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