Free Systems Analysis and Design Methodologies Essay Sample


Systems analysis and design methodologies such as SDLC, Object oriented Design among others are an important aspect in modern day programming practices. They have proven to offer numerous advantages over the traditional programming approaches. In this paper, we look at (SDLC) Systems Development Life Cycle as a Systems analysis and design methodology.

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Systems Analysis and Design Methodologies

A system analysis methodology allows the information system programmer/developer to follow a systematic approach during the entire process. This allows for breakdown of the development process into several interrelated steps aimed at progressively achieving the desired system (Jagdish, 1997). While the systematic approach taken by the systems analysis and design methodologies may appear complicated and time consuming, thereby making it appear like a subproject of the task at hand it makes the overall development process a stress free affair. Unlike in the "quick and easy" approach of the traditional methods, it is easy to track the development by easily identify errors as the process continues and even later in during maintenance cycle. Using an "engineering" approach encourages the use of important programming concepts such as modules, inheritance, and documentation among others. This makes it easy and possible for future system upgrades and other maintenance practices to be carried out by the original developer or a completely different team.

Both figures show the SDLC systems analysis and design methodology. Figure 1-10 groups several SDLC steps into one thereby appearing to be less efficient as a methodology while figure 1-11 breaks the development process into more steps thereby allowing for more customer- developer interaction. While figure 1-10 indicates a static SDLC process, figure 1-11 depicts an evolutional SDLC process that allows the practice to pass sequentially from one-step to the other thus facilitating a more refined and thorough system development.


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