Free Teenage Pregnancy Facts Essay Sample

Teenage pregnancy is rampant in all over the world. The developing countries have a higher rate of teenage pregnancies than in the developed countries. Children over the age of 13 are fertile and have an extremely high capability of becoming pregnant. Sub Saharan Africa is leading in teenage pregnancy. In the developed countries, the United States of America is leading while Korea and Japan are less affected by teenage pregnancy.  

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The main cause of teenage pregnancies in developing countries is poverty. Young girls are lured by the older men by promising them an abundant life and providing them with goodies. Parents might not have enough to gather for the needs of their children. Literacy level in developing countries is low. Most children in developing countries do not go to school thus; they lack the sexuality education which is rarely taught at home. Another cause of teenage pregnancy is early marriages. Most girls especially in the developing countries get married at a very early age.

In the developed countries, curiosity is one of the main causes of teenage pregnancy. Teenagers are curious to experience sex, and in the process, most of them become pregnant since they do not have enough knowledge on contraceptives. Lack of proper parental guidance is another cause of teenage pregnancy. Most parents do not talk to their children about sex. Children learn the hard way by experiencing it. Pregnancy during young age is highly risky for the child's health. Parents should take the responsibility on teaching their children on safe sex. Low rate of teenage pregnancies in the European countries is due to favorable education. Contraceptives should be provided to the young children.


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