Free Terrorism: US Intelligence Essay Sample

The United States of America intelligence and security system has been on the records for being one of the most equipped and most appropriate intelligence system in the recent past. Even though the country enjoys the great success for being one of the most intelligence organs it has faced major challenges that has made the United States intelligence system in order to fit into the new attacks against it.

The United States of America has in the recent past experienced major intelligence failures that that have costed Americans a lot of lives and money. The first being the 1945 Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor and the September 11, 2001 world trade center attack by the al-Qaeda. These attacks are being some of the most intriguing attacks in the history of the country.

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These attacks have resulted to the country restructuring its security and intelligence system in order to meet the changing trends of attacks especially from the terrorists who pose a great threat to the country, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Has been forced to restructure its operations from being a large reactive law enforcement agency to a more flexible and intelligent agency that can counter the terrorism attacks.

The changes encountered in the United States intelligence system to counter terrorism. Terrorism has altered the United States intelligence system when the terrorists came with a new ways of conducting its activities, this is because most of the terrorists aren't based in one position or state but are found in the world over, therefore the intelligence agencies in America had to restructure themselves in order to counter the terrorists, thus they had to broaden the scope of there operations in order to manage the activities of the terrorists.

United States intelligence community has also been forced to broaden its missions, in order to protect all its citizens that are all over the world. With the changing tactics of terrorist and their presence in the whole world the Defense Intelligence Agency is forced to broaden its operations that is by employing and training more security agents in the entire world that will help in defending the country's interests and providing security to its citizens thus the security officials will communicating with the headquarters and inform them of the possible attacks by terrorists.

In order for America to accommodate the new threats posed by al-Qaeda the Defense Intelligence Agency together with the federal bureau of intelligence (FBI). Has placed measures in place aimed at upgrading and restructuring its intelligence agencies in order to help it curb the raising terrorism attacks and not dealing with it as any other criminal act. The Defense Intelligence Agency has developed the use of effective information and technological systems. This is where the DIA upgraded its technician system by replacing the old ones with new gadgets that will easily monitor the terrorist activities. The agencies have also conducted a through counterterrorism analysis, this is after the 9/11 attacks the FBI closely monitored the movement of this unlawful group this is by it taking a keen watch on the way it conducts its activities.

The agencies have also employed more officials that will constantly coordinate with each other in order to gain more information of the Osama bin laden group. This is away from the traditional way the agencies worked. The agencies have widened the horizons of its operation to a world wide scope in efforts aimed at monitoring the group's movement.
The intelligence agencies have also focused more on domestic threats; this is when the FBI monitored the movement of the al -Qaeda and other terrorism groups in America and by doing so the FBI was able to prevent the occurrence of 9/11 in the country once again therefore providing its citizens with protection.


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