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You are dispatched to a vehicle accident at a major intersection in town. Upon arrival you see a car and truck have collided. The truck is overturned and the rear doors are open and the contents have spilled onto the street. On the truck you notice a radiation symbol and a U.S. Government tag. The driver is unconscious and a large crowd has gathered.
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What are your initial thoughts?

Initially, it seems like a normal accident involving collision of a truck and a car. The U.S Government tag gives the notion that the driver is a citizen of the United States and may be working for the government. There is spillage of suspicious looking contents from the truck and the driver is unconscious. The initial thought was to call an ambulance to cater for any medical help needed. I contact the local paramedics and inform them the exact location and description of the incidence.  I think of offering first aid to the victims so as to prevent further bleeding and preserve life before the paramedics arrive. I walk towards the scene and call my friend to bring a fist aid kit with him. Approaching the accident and trying to move the casualty from the track, there is something strange about it. What does the radiation symbol mean? Could the accident be staged or was he up for mission in town? It now becomes clear that an immediate action has do be done. Closer inspection of the content from the truck portrays a suspected case of vandalism from a power plant although at this juncture, no conclusion can be drawn.

What actions do you take?

Meanwhile, the paramedics are on the way to the scene. There is a large crowd of people around the scene and I try to disperse them to create way for the ambulance. Since the scene is awkward and could be a violent attack, I create awareness to people who are gathered and alert them of the need to move away. I ask for assistance from the FBI and clearly inform them of the incidence. They promise to send one of the police detectives at the site since it seems as if it is a criminal case involving a terrorist. I Collect the U.S government tag and put it inside a plastic bag together with the some of the driver's documents. The large crowd is moving closer and once again, I dispatch them from the scene because of the suspected radiation elements in the track. The symbol should be a warning sign of the potential danger due to ionizing radiations. This means that everyone should dispatch from the scene with immediate effect. With the help of a colleague, we mark the area as a crime scene. I retreat to a distant place where I wait for different t personnel to arrive.

Do you suspect terrorism?

Yes.  Terrorism is a common phenomenon in the world. Moving closer to the scene, it becomes clear because there is recklessness of the drivers to symbolically assume an accident to target the people who gather. Terrorists perform violent acts and try to send a message to a nation. They portray that the government is unable to protect its own citizens and by assassination they may try to pass the idea to the general public to stop espousing policies or viewpoints in their reference. Terrorism is sudden resulting g to great number of casualties thus no time is allowed for crisis management. The terrorist incidence mostly involves management of the consequence and investigation of the crime. Appropriate resources should be employed to save people. Emergency medical practitioners and rescue agencies and those who handle hazardous material should be contacted directing them clearly to the scene. The radiation symbol should be a warning of the potential danger as a result of ionizing radiation. This means that everyone should get away from the scene immediately. After making an effort to dispatch the large crowd that is gathered, I contact the Metropolitan Medical Response System who informs that they will be there as soon as possible.

Dispatch radios let you know the truck has been reported stolen from the power plant just outside town. Your partner comes to you and says there is an odd looking package with wires in the front seat of the truck.

What are your thoughts?

The package could be an explosive probably a nuclear weapon since the power plant outside town where the truck has been stolen uses nuclear energy. The terrorist could have stolen the truck so as to raise no suspicion of the content he is carrying. Fortunately, the track collides with a car and this delays his mission. The driver could be a suicide bomber targeting the entities and individuals at the scene or was on his way to commit terrorism to a target place. The explosives are used by terrorists to kill, maim and strike fear. Explosives are widely used by terrorists where many people are injured and some are killed. Explosives cause primary blast injuries which affect body organs that are air filled. Nuclear explosives are dangerous ands fatal. Detonation of the nuclear weapon results to neutron radiation blast.  Weapons such as salted bombs are surrounded with material such as cobalt and produces large amount of radioactivity. Blunt injuries are also caused by the violent forces. They differ from size and shapes and those of terrorists are not so sophisticated. They contain a fuse, main charge and a trigger which may be radiation triggers, remote controlled photoelectric cells and motion detectors. The trigger activates the fuse and ignites the main charge. Being aware of such a threat motivates one to take an action regarding suspected terrorism.

What additional actions, if any, do you take?

Ignoring hints of terrorism is not the best option and calling for help may save thousands of people. It is good to be vigilant and alert of any suspicious looking device. Department of Homeland Security comes in handy in this scenario as it deals with cases of natural disasters and terrorism. I contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) locally and inform them of the scenario. The Metropolitan Medical Response System (MMRS) present the scene providers support as they respond immediately to incidences with chemical, biological or nuclear aspect of terrorism. MMRS focus and are able to offer comprehensive and immediate medical help to casualties of nuclear, chemical and biological events. The victims in the situation are put on correct medication. They are locally available to manage local incidences as this one. They provide emergency medical care and pre-hospital care on the scene. Early identification of the agent helps administer the proper antidote and any other pharmaceutical intervention. In this case, since there are no other casualties other than the driver, all the other people are dispatched from the scene and the officials from Department of Homeland Security do an assessment on the truck content and the strange package at the front seat.


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