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The mathematics textbook titled pre algebra is among the series of books written by McDougal Littell, he has also done other books on algebra. The book was published in 2006 by Houghton Mifflin School. This book was selected foe review because it addresses mathematical topics of algebra relevant to high school student, review establishes if its contents fits the users. Concerning the teachers guide, this book has a good quality teacher guide meant to benefit to the teacher as he prepares to teach.

In regards to the Quality and level of reading  the book is excellent both in terms of it design and structure, it best fits the high school students; it teaches basic algebra which is for high school.

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The book has unique structure, it has 960 pages in total; it bears a hard cover with pictures of mathematical expressions on the cover.  It is also available online in soft copy.

The amount and quality of practice exercises is good and relevant, this book is easy to read and study, the reader is highly guided through illustrated examples for easy understanding

On the Degree of stress on understanding concepts rather than on the use of terminology, the students can never experience any problem understanding the concepts in this book, Illustrations are clears, open, well demonstrated, and easy for every learner.

The book and its material content are current, sound, and up to date, just published in 2006; it has the latest update of algebra.

The examples given illustrate applicability of algebra o real life situations, the readers/students can internalize the topic and relate it to real life scenarios.

At the end of each topic, the book has exercises and practice guidelines to the students, this is to ensure that the student are continuously assessed to evaluate progress.

The book has two reviews, suggesting that the writer kept adjusting to the demands of the users.

The quality of the writers presentations are standard and attractive, the presentations are also up to date and appealing.

The book has also taken into account the interests and differences among students, for examples the presentations ensure that both the fast and the slow learners understand.

The book has a decent general plan of organization and arrangement, the presentations covers a wide range of subtopics.

The topics have been arranged in sequence, starting from the basics or from the easy to the hard.  Since the flow is from the simpler to the harder it makes understanding easy, the previous study forms a background for understanding of the next topic.

There is a very close relevance to the concepts presented in this book; the concepts are in line with the content standards. 
Technology has been applied especially in the presentations of graph and in the outline of the cover page.  This has not only made the book attractive but also appealing to readers.

The writer, as an experienced education expert, has used the best approach to ensure he moves his readers.  He manipulates his presentation to fit the environment and the target client, which are the students.


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