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This paper is written based on Race and Revolution by Gary Nash and To Make Our World Anew: A History of African Americans to 1880 edited by Kelley and Lewis.

Utilizing specific examples from both books, explain how the actions of African Americans damaged the institution of slavery and ultimately led to its demise.

Answer:It is a clear fact that the African Americans actions contributed to the death of the institution of slavery. The African Americans were involved in demonstrations and strikes in bid to fight the slavery that was taking place in the US. The fight against racism was done using various ways. There were numerous organizations that were on the forefront of fighting the vice. This organizations organized strikes and peaceful demonstrations in trying to fight the vice.

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The racial discrimination was fought on the platform of demand for equal pay, better services for the blacks, improvement in service provision to the blacks. The fight against slave trade was important to ending the negative depiction of the misuse of Blacks power. This change was also for on the call for change in the laws that were discriminatory to the blacks.

What is the thesis (central argument of Chapters 1 and 2 of Race and Revolution? What historical evidence does Nash provide to support his argument? What information from your textbook might Nash have included to support his argument?

Answer: Chapters one and two of the Race and revolution was written with the main argument that Slavery was economically viable to the American Nation but the vice could not be justified based since it led to the infringement of the blacks rights. Historical evidence showed that most of the victims of slavery suffered from many diseases that arose from their predicaments while working. History also showed that most of the victims were subjected to torture and even ended up dying before reaching their intended destinations while being ferried to the Americas.                 

While Nash argues that many colonial Americans supported the idea of ending slavery, he suggests that there were a few major challenges to making this a reality

Answer: While a good number of whites leaders supported the course to an end in racism, their selfish interests for political power made them not to like being seen discussing the vice. This was some form of appeasement to the Southern States which were basically befitting from the prospects of the slave trade of the time.

This was seen when the petition brought to thee House of Commons to discuss the slavery issue went under when the house went silent. This was due to the political interest of the leaders who wanted to appease the southern states ye not loose the popularity with the people.

Religion was central to the way early Americans thought about political issues of their time. Using primary sources found between pages 89 and 201 of Race and Revolution; identify how religion was utilized by abolitionists to support their arguments against slavery.

Answer: Religion played a key role in the fight against black discrimination in the US. The Bible being a religious book and widely acknowledged in the US at the time was found to be a good tool for crusade against racism. As such Biblical interpretations were made with a view to change the minds of many towards this vice. The equality of men before the eyes of God was a point in case where such interpretations were relevant to the course. Preaching's were intensified in various forums that included Churches, Schools and colleges and even Work places.

Using their own words (most examples of this can be found in Chapter 3 and Document Section 3 of Race and Revolution) how did African Americans seek to convince whites to end slavery? Which forms of black agency were more successful in ending slavery- written appeals and petitions or acts of rebellion and escape?

The African Americans were very strategic when it came to trying to convince the whites to end slavery. This came in terms of formal petitions, peaceful demonstrations and proposals. The antislavery lobby groups and organizations organized numerous street demonstrations in trying to convince the whites to initiate an end to slavery. Policy writers of black origin came out with pieces of writings on the positives of a free working black man. They argued that a free person will always provide better results than a tide person. The friends' church for example went ahead and petitioned the House of Commons to outlaw slavery.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The fight against racism and slavery has generally resulted in positive developments as far as this vice is concerned. While there is still a considerable element off the vice as noted with the reactions to the Obama Presidency, the fact that Obama managed to make it to the white house is an indication what America can change and actually America is in the process of change towards a racism free nation.

Religion played a key role in the fight against the vice since most of the whites were Christians and did not want to go against the will of God. As from the general analysis the vice that is Racism was detrimental to the development of the blacks as such the Southern States which were actually the most affected had little bit mire of a slow growth due to poverty of its black population.

America today is at an advanced stage in the fight against racism. This can even be looked at from the fact that is the state of the Obama Presidency. However the elements of the vice still lingers in the minds of some one and hence the fight must go on to end the existence of this vice in America. This has also proven that the blacks given opportune can perform even better than the whites.


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