Free The Analysis of the Bram Stoker's Dracula Movie Essay Sample

Bram Stokers Dracula Visuals Over Plot?

In the following essay, the analysis of the Bram Stoker's Dracula movie will be made. The main aspects of the film will be observed and decided whether they contribute to, or detract from the storyline.

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The story was told in the movie was closely based on the original book by Bram Stoker. After the wife of the Count Dracula was killed, Dracula blamed a church and told that he would reborn after his death and would gain the power of the darkness (Bram Stoker's Dracula). Approximately in four hundred years after Draculas wife death, the young lawyer Jonathan was sent to Transylvania to help the Count Dracula with buying houses in England. However, the Count Dracula was interested in photographs of Jonathan's bride Mina who reminded him his wife. So, Dracula imprisoned Jonathan and went to England where he began his terror. Moreover, he drained the life from the Mina's closest friend Lucy. It made Lucy's friends to gather together and start their struggle against the Count Dracula.

As it was told above the movie was closely based on the original book. So, the story was told in the following manner. It was divided into the separate stories which were written by the main characters in their diaries. The main storyline can be described as a mix of these diaries notes which were gathered in one story.

Among the strengths of the Bram Stokers Dracula movie, there are the following: high quality camerawork, fantastic visuals and effects, make-ups, and wonderful soundtrack. In addition, the great performance of Gary Oldma, Anthony Hopkins, and Tom Waits, which were highly evaluated by critics, benefited the movie as well (Candela). On the other hand, it was blamed for its weak structure and the feeling that the separate scenes were disjointed. Another negative aspect of the film was the poor performance during the romantic scenes between Jonathan and Mina (Candela). In addition, the movie was considered as bizarre and sometimes funny. So, to analyse the positive and negative aspects and their influence on the film the following two scenes will be observed: the scene of Jonathans parting with Mina at the beginning of the movie and the chase after Count Dracula at the end of it.

The parting scene occurs almost at the very beginning of the film. And unfortunately, it is quite weak and does not contribute the movie, especially after the introduction sequences where the reason for the Counts transformation into the vampire was described. The worth thing in the parting scene was that, in my opinion, the actors were not persuasive. I think that the most part of viewers did not believe that these ones were really in love. Especially, it can be told about the performance of Keanu Reeves, who was acting as Jonathan. As for me, I cannot believe that it was the behavior of the man who was going to leave his bride to do his work in another country. He was quite bounded and did not show any emotions. Even Francis Ford Coppola was trying to explain the reasons for such a poor performance during the romantic scenes. He told that the main problem was with the English accent. Reeves was trying to perform it and did not have a possibility to relax during the scenes thinking only about how he was speaking (Candela). However, the parting scene also included all the strong features of the movie. The camerawork was excellent. It gradually moved from the close-up showing the viewers more and more details of this scene. At the end of the sequence the camera captured the pair in love from a distance surrounded by the greenery. It could not be but mention the huge influence of the sounds during this sequence. They were absent in the very beginning of the scene and then started to appear with rising volume and changing the tune from the romantic one to the intriguing and mysterious. All of the positive aspects of this scene benefited it as much as it was possible creating the romantic atmosphere was needed and attracting the viewers attention. In addition, as one of the entry scenes, in general, it made its main task and warmed up the interest to the following events in the movie. Unfortunately, on the other hand, due to the not very convincing performance of the pair in love the viewer might not be interested in their relations and as a matter of fact in one of the main script lines of the motion picture.

As for the second scene that will be observed in this essay, it is the chase after the Count Dracula at the end of the film. In my opinion, it is a good example to review all the positive aspects of the movie and how they benefit it. First of all, I would like to mention the sounds in this scene. As the heroes moved to the East Europe, the tune was changed according to their location. Moreover, it provided a feeling that you really listen to the tunes from the Transylvania. In other words, the melody written by the Polish composer Wojciech Kilar was as usual in the right place (Music without words). Furthermore, it mirrored the actions on the screen, so if you do not watch the scene you can understand that something dynamic, exciting, and dramatic is going on. Another aspect of this scene that contributed it was high-quality camerawork. It used a row of different tricks, such as flipping and reversing frames, and forced perceptive to show this scene in dynamic. In addition, camera was switching from the close-up to the general view again to show the speed in contrast. In my opinion, it was crucial for this sequence. Due to it, the dynamic of this scene was shown. Watching this sequence, the viewers could feel the speed of the chase as it was happening for real. It could not be but mentioned, that the actors were practicing in horse riding, so it added additional realism to the scene. Moreover, the work with the visuals and colors was great too. A sepia was used during this sequence to enhance the colors and to show the sun-set. The sepia was widely used during the whole movie. The wonderful decorations created a feeling that the scene was going really in Transylvania mountains and made the visual part of this sequence look amazing. On the other hand, there was one aspect of this scene that could be considered as a negative one. The sequence was too long. There was an opinion that the movie was too operatic and preferred climaxes to continuity. However, in my opinion, the scene of the chase for the Count Dracula was one of the strongest sequences of the film. I think it used all the strengths of the movie on its advantage.


As it was reviewed above many aspects of the movie contribute to the main storyline. Fantastic visuals and soundtrack help viewers to feel the atmosphere of the motion picture. However, the weak scenes of the pair in love and feeling that the separate scenes are disjointed detract from the main storyline and may be considered as the main weaknesses of the movie. So, it can be said that the visuals of the movie overwhelmed the plot.


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