Free The Smart Schoolboy Essay Sample

Summary of song:

The song relates to a smart school boy who is going to school and his encounter with a knight on the road. The conversation starts between school boy and knight with the question of knight asking about where the boy is going on. Boy responds to knight that he is going to school. Then the knight asks the body that what he do in the school, the boy replies that he read books in the school. Knight again question the boy that what he got, the boy with his innocence replies that he has bread and cheese. The knight says to boy give me some bread and some cheese but boy refuse to give even a crumb. At the end, the knight tells the boy that he heard his school bell ringing, the boy rudely replies that it is ringing for you to hell or to leave you and go to school.

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The message:

The message in the ballad is that children are innocent and they respond according to the understanding they have. But, elders should care about their behavior and language with children. The message in the ballad can be called a moral message that one should not scramble the child if so, then it will result a boorish reply from the children.

As we can exemplify the same situation in the ballad, when knight asks the boy about some bread and cheese. The boy with his innocence replies that he will not give a crumb to knight. But, suddenly knight says to boy that his school bell is ringing, it creates bad taste for boy and he replies to knight that the bell is ringing for you to hell or leave you and go to school.

Therefore, the ballad educates about the behavior when talking to children. It tells that your conversation should be polite and childish when talking to the children. It will make the children happy and guide them the ways to talk. If not the children will never accept you and respond you rudely.


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