Free Toyota Motors Corporation Essay Sample

Toyota motors corporation is an international firm that manufactures and distributes automobile. It manufactures vehicles and parts at 53 production sites in 27 countries and regions around the globe. The company has a network of 290 dealers and it employs approximate 40,000 sales personnel’s. This report present an in-depth analysis of the company for the last four years on the investment compared to its competitors.   

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The analysis on the company investment indicates a strong financial position compared to the competitors. In the four year period the company is enjoying a stable and positive trend financial position. The ratio is reducing all along the four years.  As compared to the industry, the company is performing much better in terms of investment and debt management. The analyzed results reveal that the company is generating a decreasing proportionate return on equity. The company shows a better return on equity and this indicates that the company is utilizing shareholders equity well on the competitive environment. In the year 2010 the company uses every shareholder dollar to generate a better return on investment to the shareholders. In the same year the company uses shareholder equity efficiently to gain a better competitive edge than the year 2010 and 2009.


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