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"Urban outfitters" is an American company that trades on six brands namely Terrain, Anthropologie, Leifsdottir, Urban Outfitters, Free People, and BHLDN. Contrary to other retail businesses, the Urban Outfitters starts and terminates their advertisement with the experience from their customers' shopping. The company rarely needs advertisements for their products since they advertise themselves. Urban Outfitters value the fact that their products remain unique. They ensure this by not delivering their products to shopping malls within the city but deliver them to their own outlets. The high number of its sales makes it move far much ahead of other stalls within the American cities. During its early years of operation, it was widely known as "The Free People's Store" which later changed to "Urban Outfitters".

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Question One

A company becomes trendy counterculture if the kind of operation within it is different from the usual beliefs of the society. Sears and Wal-mart are other retailers in clothes operating within the American towns. However, it has become a bit hard for them to achieve a countercultural image with a wide field of trend because they produce in massive numbers. Nearly all of their outlets stock the same type of clothing all through out the year. They also take long time to stock up their outlets with new varieties of their products. Wal-mart carries out its business on a great volume of low profits. To overcome loses, they will have to produce the products in large amounts to their customers or else the customer will be required to buy in bulk. Therefore, this hinders the Wal-mart from becoming a counterculture or trendy.

Sears fail to achieve the trendy counterculture due to the high prices on their products. Few people therefore can afford the high-priced items.

Question Two

The Big Box can sell merchandise identical to the Urban Outfitters. This can happen because the Urban Outfitters have the license from the manufacturers of the product.   By selling the products to Urban Outfitters, the big box will be offering a wide field of choice to customers to access the products they desire from their well-located Urban Outfitters shopping malls. Big Box stores will benefit from the Urban Outfitters because the targeted group of consumers will get the good at convenient places. Once more, the Urban Outfitters outlets will be acting as advertising agencies for the big box stores' products.

Question Three

Possession of sole rights by a certain company concerning a certain business function is termed as being exclusive. Some businesses demand for the exclusivity while others do not. Many businesses consider it important because it offers total privacy about the entire operations of a company. The company and its members can enjoy sanity as well as total peace of mind since they will not have to deal with annoying agents. The company produces and sells its own goods. There will be no agents who might adulterate the good for selfish gains. Another importance of exclusivity is due to the fact that the company itself can control the cost of their products without consultations from anyone.

Question Four

Shopping is a very entertaining activity. One gets the chance to view new brands of clothing when still shopping for other fashions. Most of those who like shopping are women. They will mostly go shopping when they have felt bored and want to stir up their sagging spirits. Entertainment in shopping comes in by the fact that through it people can express their feelings. When shopping, one feels happy when they see nice items and are in a capacity to buy them.


Due to exclusivity, the Urban Outfitters have been able to soar to higher levels of profits. Their products are unique and few hence creating more demand to the customers. They have also been stocking different fashions of clothes in different shops depending on the group of customers targeted. This has made it possible for the customers to enjoy fully while shopping for their clothes since they have a wider variety to choose among. With shopping being a hobby for women, it gives a chance to them to express their feelings as well.


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