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General information

My name is LM. This is a reflection on the web science course at Southampton University. I undertook the online course for two weeks starting the 7th of November 2016. This online course is set to have the student interact with the professors through online portal. The online course is done by the aid of videos that are uploaded and accessed after login into the system. The course is organized by the Southampton University professors in the department of computer science. The online course was taught by several professors from Southampton University. Apart from the professors, the coarse videos also feature students and other faculty staff who lecture on various aspects of the Internet.

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The online course on web technology took a period of two weeks. Various uploaded videos contained topics relevant to the field of web technology. My part was to download and listen to the web tutorials in the program. It was amazing to question myself on what would happen if the web was closed. I got used to the net so much that I would have to adjust to its absence. Apart from listening to the presenters, the course also challenged me to think about various issues that were addressed. I like using the web because it gives me the opportunity to read a lot of information that is vital in life. The web also allows me to connect to my friends through social media sites. The purpose of this course was to enlighten me on the history, present the usage and the challenges that are associated with the web. The week one presentation also highlighted that the web is not for everyone since some age groups are too young to access the net. I also realized that government of some countries, especially in the Middle East, restrict access to the Internet. The course also exposed dangers that are associated with the web.

Self Analysis

Previously, I thought that the web was only a place for getting information, emails, and chats. Little did I know that serious businesses take place through the internet. I also thought that the Internet is very safe. However, I was surprised that serious criminals also exist online and defraud people of millions of dollars. I took part in the online course to familiarize myself with the depths and features of the Internet. A friend of mine told me that the web was the next big thing. I therefore took the online course to have good understanding of the web as the Internet opportunities get closer. This course is relevant to my career due to the computer application and connection involved. I had assumed that the tests were obvious. I was amazed that the content of the tests were specific to the applications of the Internet.

Analysis of Learning

I learnt that the web is a connection of several computers that are located in different parts of the world yet having the ability to communicate with one another. I also learned From Shadbolt and Dame that the web has been in transition from the very first version launched in 1989 to the present one. Professor Susan also confirmed that the web is still transforming, and many changes are still expected in the coming years. The course also gave the understanding that many businesses are presently interconnected, and money can also be transferred online without exchanging real hard cash. I also learned of the dangers associated with being online. The course helped me to understand that the web has criminals who target innocent Internet users to rob them of their money. The course made me realize that credit cards can be closed and used elsewhere in the world to withdraw money without the owner’s permission. Additionally, I learned that the web serves the healthcare community by connecting the doctors and the patients, as explained by Sugiura. Doctors are able to give prescriptions to their patients through online interactions.

Application in Context

The online course on web technology is connected to my interest in computers and technology. The concept of interconnection of computers that creates the Internet correlates with what I studied in class. Further, the issue of the Internet security has been reinforced in this course. I learned se-policy and methods in which politicians can use the Internet to further their political ideologies. This course is linked to my career in the application of the Internet to do various forms of business. For example, the usage of the Internet in medicine made me understand how business transactions can be done. The online course also had a connection to the technological consumption of apps in the present generation. This course is indeed connected to my area of study that involves the e-businesses and the security aspect of the Internet.


I learned that medical experts can use computer-based technology to attend to their patients. This innovation is indeed good and I like it. However, I still think it is vital for the patients and the doctors to interact directly, especially if some laboratory tests are to be done. I also concur with the course on the dangers of cyber-crime on the Internet. This topic was the revelation for me. Previously, I had not understood the danger of using credit cards via online platforms. After the course, I am more careful on my Internet dealings, especially in websites that are new. The course further exposes me to the online politics and policy transmission. I think the politicians can cheaply spread their policies through web-based blogs, and this can help the elite to connect with the policies. The online course was indeed helpful to understand many Internet issues.

Reconstruction of Self-Concept

I plan to practice secure web browsing because of the security warning that I received from the lectures. The revelations on cyber crimes made me fear that I can be a target for online robbery. It is true that I have used my credit card on websites that I visited for the first time without reference. Due to Yip’s advice, I will be more careful when giving my credit card details in future. The use of the Internet for medical diagnosis also helped me realize that I can use the online doctors for diagnosis and advice. I will have to access the validity of the services offered by these websites to be sure of the advice they give.


I also plan to develop a blog to share some things that I am passionate about. My interest has always been to educate youngpeople on entrepreneurship. This course has opened my eyes to the possibility of spreading my convictions through blogs just like the politicians share their political philosophies via the Internet. Presently, I am consulting on how to make my blog famous and likable by many people. I am sure that my sharing on entrepreneurship will help many young people who are struggling to get jobs, which are also very scarce. I realized that blogs are cheaper to run than standard websites. I already have a name for my blog and will soon launch it to fulfill my long-time passion of business education.


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