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Rxlist is unique in a way that it is free compared to other medical websites where one has to sign up and pay a certain fee to access information and contains diverse medical drug information it is also very user friendly making it the website of choice for many who do not have any medical education background, it also has image or picture representation of some medical condition, thus one can easily identify with his or her symptoms. Rxlist is also appealing in that it does give an update of new drugs and also the most effective drugs for certain ailments. In addition, it also provides one with medical drug prescription for any disease or medical condition.

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Medicine net is very unique that it brings medical information and knowledge for free without any fee required to access information, it provides detailed information about any disease, it also provides the viewer with image or picture symptoms of certain diseases so that one can easily identify with the symptoms. Furthermore, medicine net provides information on how some medical conditions can be managed or avoided. The most appealing characteristic of medicine net is that it gives information on any medical condition, symptoms and diagnosis in a use friendly manner, thus, it is like a medical doctor, one can use the information that is provided to manage certain ailments

This two web sites can be very useful especially when one is scared of visiting the doctor or is in a place where medical centers are not accessible, it can also help in the diagnosis of some minor medical conditions at the place of work, Rxlist can actually help in the getting the right drug prescription for any condition.


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