Free World Culture in the World Polity Essay Sample

John Boli and his colleague George Thomas are analyzing the growth of the international nongovernmental entities that existed in between 1875 and 1973.They find out that all the nongovernmental organizations are linked to each other by the expansion of national systems as well as global economy. These organizations reflect the world networks as well as being contributors to the global culture a factor that makes them to create world polity that cannot be downsized to the regional networks of economical as well as opinionated interface.
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In the process, the states that were involved responded to not only their social interest but to the global factors that the INGOs were out to achieve and advocate. The states expanded through the usage of the policies that were responding to the world models. As local and national units are involved with the INGOs activities, various actors come up while the INGOs as well as other bodies are engaged with debates between states and INGOs. States as well are involved in the world discourses though disadvantaged by the lack of expertise because the people with skills are linked to INGOs a fact the makes states though still the most powerful, cannot just ignore the substantial impacts of the INGOs. It is argued that the INGOs have great opportunities to have realistic influence on the states policies and go beyond the states effort as we seek the global cultural defined problems solutions.

The INGOs are constructed based on the global cultural principles of universalism as well as individualism and cogent voluntaristic influence, progress and the global citizenship. World polity is reified by some INGOs. Some such as Human rights and environmental INGOs are well known due to their conflicts with the states over the world cultural values. Most of the INGOs do foster the logical and practical as well as economic rationalization as they try to influence the definition of reality and material infrastructure amongst other variables.


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