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The world is dominated by great philosophers and scientists who formulated thinking patterns of today and pioneered scientific principles that influence exploration and understanding of the world. Of these men and women, this essay explores Peirce, Bacon, Kuhn and Polkinghorne. In regard to their universality and objectivity of the scientific method they propagated, it is Charles Pierce who stands out as the most convincing personality. Pierce is the person who presents a more convincing philosophy of perfect reflection of the world called pragmatism.
Pragmatism as presented by Charles Pierce stands out to be the reflection of the actions of each and every person in the society. It is my argument that the philosophy does not only influence the philosophical principles but also the general world of art and science. It is only logical to practice and work out the original and most practicable things compared with other philosophies. As the father of pragmatism, Pierce Charles illustrated the need for adoption of things that can be proven to work and verify their outcome. Through the ideology of pragmatism, people find a way to lead their day to day with practical influences and not unproven life elements.
In disapproval of Charles Pierce’s pragmatism ideology and other philosophical and scientific elements, not all practical things in life work to perfection. It is because there are people who lead life with certainties that cannot be attributed to the practicality or pragmatic dynamics as presented by Charles Pierce. If all people were to follow what by Charles Pierce proposes in his ideology of pragmatism, then many new things and discoveries would not have been accomplished since their outcome is not new. Despite being a world changer in terms of practicality and logic, Pierce does not present ideologies that are fully acceptable by all people especially pragmatism.