Free Personal Narrative: Fear of Technology Essay Sample

With the advent of technology, many have applauded it as the way to go. It has no doubt has had immense influence in the way people live in the modern world. It has improved business tremendously. It has paved way for terming the world as a global village. Communication is no longer a matter of complexity, but an easy exercise that would only require an internet enabled phone or a computer connected to the internet and with the help of website providers, one is already on the global arena ready to communicate. These are but a few examples of the benefits that technology has had on the lives of humankind.
I had always been an avid supporter and follower of improved technologies until I encountered an event that nearly made me collapse. I had some amount of money in my account, and then in my mail, somebody send me some mail that purported to invite me to join some youth group. A group was to sensitize the youth on the harmful effects of drug abuse and irresponsible alcohol consumption. After reading the email, then I thought it was a noble course and, therefore, the urge for me to take part. Then, I was supposed to confirm my subscription and attendance that was scheduled on the following week, on Tuesday.
By confirming, I was supposed to enter my password in some section. So I quickly entered and confirmed so that I continue with my activities on the internet. I was supposed to send some mail to the rest of our class regarding some assignments. Therefore, I did and left for home. While I waited for the day, I was to catch up with the rest of the members. I was obviously looking forward to it given that it was my first involvement in such an activity. I shared the news with my parents and siblings who were all thrilled by my step in societal involvement.
My father was especially happy with the idea. He took that early chance to narrate to me how our country’s economy had been hurt by the activities involving drugs and alcohol consumption, mostly amongst the youth. He recalled how the youth waste themselves in drinking, end up losing their jobs, cause chaos on the roads while drunk, engage in violence, engage in unwanted pregnancies and even leads to deaths caused by accidents of physical harm due to the wrongful events after engaging in irresponsible drinking. Therefore, I thought it was enough. I had to participate actively in eradicating such vices in the society.
Then came Tuesday, the day we were to assemble at the headquarters of the organization. We were to have arrived at the venue by eleven in the morning. I was there thirty minutes to time in readiness for the event. It clocked eleven and yet there was no sight of any arriving person for the event. I began to have doubts regarding the event. Thirty minutes later, with apparently no coming visitor for the event, not even the organizers, I went back and checked the email to establish whether I was wrong or right on the date and location of the event. The details were correct. I returned to the venue to confirm, there was nothing like an event on site.
With such a frustrating half day, I decided to have a drink at a nearby restaurant returning home. I had no cash but decided that I would use my credit card to make the payments. This again reminded me of the huge benefits of technology. That instead of carrying cash, I just use my card to make payments whenever I have money in my account. I took a light meal as I knew I would still get some food once at home. After dinning, I gave my credit card for swiping so that the cost of the meal is deducted from my account. I handed it to the cashier, who swiped it twice before changing his moods to signal something was incorrect. ‘You have no money in the account’, implored the cashier. I insisted I had it. He again swiped, still the same message.
I trembled before the cashier as I recounted the turn of events of the day. How unlucky I was on such a day. I knew the heavy punishment that awaited me before the restaurant. I hurriedly called my father who arrived and settled the bill. He too sought to inquire how I had taken to the restaurant, ordered for food and yet I had no money in the account. After I stuck with my earlier assertion that I had it, he insisted that we must go to the bank to confirm where the money had gone. At the bank, which is a few miles from the restaurant, they sought my account number and the day I made my last withdrawal, the amount and the balance. I gave them. Then the shocking news to me was, that someone had used my password to withdraw all the balance that I had in the account. Loll! This was a shock to me. The bank attendant went on to inquire from me whether I had shared any of my password with anyone, I vehemently denied. Then he asked about my online communications, that when I narrated some email that had invited me to some event. The bank attendant asked us to visit the nearest police station and tell the story there. That is when I came to terms with the loss of all the money I had in my account to online fraudsters.
With the turn of events on the fateful day, I learnt to be more careful while communicating with anyone while online. So with all the goodies associated with technology, we must remain wary of the threats created by the same. Were it, not because of the internet, I would not have wasted time and lost money to fraudsters. Anytime you receive unanimous emails or you are asked to enter passwords, you should stay away because they could be conmen out to deceive.