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An internship refers to a system of on-the-job training for professional careers and white-collar jobs. University and college students make up the bulk of these internships as they seek to practice what they learn in class to the real life situation. It is vital to note that internships could also be the stepping-stone for permanent and well-paid jobs at the company of service. The entire issue of internships has elicited immense debate pertaining to its authenticity and fairness to university and college students. Notably, internships are vital because they provide individuals with the opportunity to create a network of contact, they help individuals determine if they have interest in a particular career, they build one’s resume and portfolio, and they provide an opportunity for students to apply class work to the real life situation hence enhancing their experience. This essay would utilize the works of Halperin, Kirszner, and Mandell to reiterate the significance of internships in the lives of individuals. This argument is aimed at eliminating any reservations that many people hold toward internships and their advantages in the lives of participants.
This essay explicates the significance of internships in line with the points presented by Halperin, Kirszner, and Mandell.
First, internships present students with a rare opportunity to create a network of contacts that would help them in the future as they ultimately seek permanent jobs. The search for a permanent job is always catapulted with whom one knows and not what one knows. It is vital for people to understand that the possession of vast skills alone do not give one a direct opportunity unless there is somebody to support that. Therefore, internships are in place to ensure that these students meet and talk to many people who would help them in the future as they come back to the company or seek opportunities in other related organizations. Kirszner and Mandell assert, “Internships are an opportunity for students to meet and know many people who would be of assistance in the future.” (Kirszner and Mandell 582). This is to emphasize the fact that internships are a stepping-stone for easier access to permanent careers after graduating from universities and colleges. The contacts created would also play an instrumental role in ensuring that students advance faster once in permanent positions in their respective organizations. The creation of contacts is always vital in cases where students deliver their duties effectively while in their respective organizations of practice. Contacts are also created through proper relations with management and other employees within the organization.
Second, internships are vital because they build one’s resume and portfolio. It is worth noting that the graduate job market is characterized by stiff competition and requires individuals to have an added advantage. An internship would act as a valuable asset for one’s resume and portfolio as it is an indication of commitment and vast experience in a particular field. Many employers look at the experience gained by an individual, and the internship would offer satisfactory evidence of this experience to the employer. This means that students who attend internships have an enormous advantage over students who relax and wait for the ultimate search for a permanent career. Prina Shah, featured in Halperin’s interview asserts, “Any type of experience in your field is good, it builds your resume and portfolio.” (Halperin 584). This is to emphasize the fact that internships improve the portfolio and resume of these students, and make them more presentable in the job market. Additionally, Kirszner and Mandell affirm that students gain more from internships as they give them increased advantage as they seek permanent jobs using their resumes. Internships should be encouraged among individuals to ensure they bring maximum benefits to their future as they try to get into a competitive market of graduate employees, most of whom do not possess vast experience in the field of their desired jobs.
Third, it is vital to note that internships enable students determine whether they are interested in a particular career or not. Internships provide students with the opportunity to learn various issues concerning the different careers available in the market. They can perform these different jobs while in their internship and would have the opportunity to determine whether they like these careers on not. This means that internships provide students with the opportunity to gauge themselves and make relevant decisions according to what they find interesting and suitable in their lives. Kirszner and Mandell reiterate that internships offer an effective opportunity for decision-making in the lives of students because of the experience they get from the performance of diverse tasks. This implies that students can choose their careers appropriately and would not end up messing in the ultimate careers they decide to pursue. With internships, they have a chance to choose careers they can do better without straining themselves and this ensures that they are more efficient in the performance of their dream careers. Halperin also emphasizes the same view with the confirmation that internships provide a measure for students to gauge their abilities in a particular field and make decisions concerning their desirable line of career. Therefore, internships are significant because they offer an opportunity for students to evaluate their abilities and determine the appropriate careers that they would enjoy pursuing.
Last, internships are an opportunity for students to apply their class work to the real life situations. Most of the class work studies are always made up of theoretical aspects, and all students need to get the opportunity to learn about the real application of the skills they gain from class. Internships offer the best opportunity for students to indulge in a pragmatic test of the aspects they learn in class. It is conventionally known that internships offer the best chance for students to advance their skills and gain more expertise in their areas of interest. This is because they can engage in different activities while in their areas of internship hence gaining more skills that would help them even in their permanent jobs. The display of effective skills while at the organization would also put students in a proper position to land permanent jobs at the organization because of the trust created. Nick Orichuia, a student featured in Halperin’s interview asserts, “I think unpaid interviews are almost always a valuable experience, especially for students in college. It is up for the student to make up for the internship.” (Halperin 585). This means that internships would always add value to individual in cases where they are taken seriously. They would always aim at improving the skills of students and ensuring that they work effectively in their ultimate careers.
In conclusion, internships refer to on-the-job training for professional students. Most colleges and universities in the US and other parts of the world require their students to attend internships before they can be allowed to graduate. The entire issue of internships has elicited immense debate all over the globe with some individuals supporting unpaid internships and others taking a firm position to oppose unpaid internships. Internships are advantageous and would always remain advantageous for students because they present an opportunity for students to create a network of contacts that would assist them as they seek permanent careers in the future. More so, internships help in the creation of an effective resume and portfolio for students hence keeping them at an advantageous position in the competitive job market. It is significant to note that internships also help students in making a choice on whether or not to pursue a particular career. Last, they give university and college students the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge in their respective fields. Therefore, internships are desirable, and more students should be encouraged to apply for internships to prosper and achieve their dreams. All these points underscore the significance of interviews in the lives of students against the stereotypes held toward internships.
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