Free Good Man is Hard to Find Essay Sample

A good man is hard to find. The story is about bailey and his family. Bailey wants to take the family for a trip together in Florida. The family is ok with the idea of a trip, but the grandmother is a bit reluctant to take the trip. She instead wants to go to East Tennessee for the trip. As an excuse, grandmother states that there is a serial killer on the loose in Florida and that going to East Tennessee would be a better idea rather than taking the trip to Florida. She insists that there are no serial killers in Tennessee. Bailey and the wife pay little attention to this and the family finally sets off on a trip from Georgia to Florida. The children try to respond to grandmothers worry. June star insists that the family must take  grandmother with them  wherever they go while Wesley is least concerned a bit the whole thing and offers that grandmother stay home.

Bailey, having paid little attention to his mother’s plea, takes the trip. Grandmother comes around and takes Pitty, her cat, with her insisting that Pitty would end his life if left alone. Wesley and June sit on grandmother’s side and bailey and his wife take the front seat. The journey from Atlanta starts of at 8:45pm and grandmother has to bring Pitty with her secretly as bailey does not appreciate her presence. Grandmother is well dressed as a woman so that in case they had an accident one can easily tell that she is a woman. On the way grandmother talks about black people and insists that they do not have as much as the whites do. She tells the children of her earlier suitors, the likes of Edgar Atkins teagarden who left her watermelons with the initials of his name carved on them.

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Later, the family stops at the tower for lunch. The fat boy, Red Sammy, owns the tower. He complains that you cannot trust anyone as he was corned last week. Red Sammy and grandmother converse and come to a conclusion that things have changed. Red Sammy’s wife and grandmother talk about the misfit and she states of the likelihood that he might appear at the tower. Grandmother finally comforts Sammy insisting that he was taken advantage of because he is a good man. The estranged Sammy concludes that a good man is hard to find as the family leaves

The family proceeds and grandmother interests the children with the story about a certain plantation house that she visited at some point. The children get excited and insist on visiting the plantation house to which bailey obliges by taking the route to the plantation on grandmother’s direction. They take the hilly road with sharp curves and drive for a while. They proceed for a while, but the house is nowhere in sight. Grandmother is startled when she realizes that the plantation house in Tennessee and not the route they are heading. She freaks out so badly those Pitty leaps out of the bag onto bailey’s shoulder. This leads to an accident but the family pulls through alive.

They wait for a vehicle and luckily, one comes up. However, the driver is ‘the misfit’ and his two friends. Grandmother tries to convince Misfit that he is a good man and would not be in any position to harm the family. Later, misfits orders John and bailey into the woods and has his friends shoot them and later the wife and child. Meanwhile grandmother still tries to convince misfits that he is a good man and should talk to Jesus. The story ends as misfit and his friends dump the bodies. Misfit tells his bodies that she would have been a good woman had she had him to shoot her every day.

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Conflict in the Book

Grandmother as a character brings out conflict in the story, In this when she tells Sammy that he people took advantage of him simply because he was  a good man. Later she tells misfit that he is a good man and not interested ion harming them. The main point in the story revolves around the motivating factor for our personality. In this, it does not count that one is good but the setting and contributing factors determine the action performed.

Setting of The Book

The setting takes three environments first is in the family’s home place in Georgia, secondly, the family’s lunch in the tower, the dirt road and their destination in Florida. Home is showcases freedom and a homely feeling to allow connection between the characters. The woods depict places of loneliness. The setting allows the character to face the realities of fear and pressure. The irony is that nature is a friendly and lovable environment. It also helps bring out the queer character of misfit who is inconsiderate and inhuman. In conclusion, good men are hard to find but all this revolves around our personal beliefs and inner motivations.


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